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A talented young singer/songwriter/musician makes Grey County her new home

Paige Warner

BY SOUTHGREY.CA STAFF — With the auspicious goal of providing a voice for people who feel isolated and alone during this time of pandemic restrictions, Paige Warner shapes an infectious style of chill pop and R&B. "I love to create songs that either make your toe tap or your heart melt," says the Waterloo Region native. "Emotional isolation is hard, and I think song is a great medicine for that," she adds.

As a child, Paige grew up singing for guests in her parent's living room, and began writing and performing when she was 16 years-old and could often be found honing her craft at the St. Jacobs Market. In 2015, she performed in the Youth Discoveries Showcase at Summerfolk. In 2018, she released her first EP, Revealed — a collection of five radio-ready tunes that launched her musical career. She cites influences such as Alicia Keys, Jeremy Zucker, and H.E.R. but loves to create new and fresh ideas that resound with her personal experience.

Her voice is evocative and captivating like a young Sarah McLaughlin or Eva Cassidy, while she accompanies herself with catchy melodies on piano or guitar. On Spotify, she boasts over 40,000 streams for her four most-recent self-released singles and has compiled an impressive catalogue of original songs, also available for waiting ears on her website.

When she performs live, she fuses together many genres of music, buoyed by those confidence-building mini-concerts at her parent's home or the many teeth-cutting appearances at the local St. Jacobs market. She has been described as "super talented" and "a born entertainer," and has attracted many admirers in a short period of time. But COVID-19 threw a monkey wrench into her career and stilted any momentum she had previously built up.

Like many musicians, the cancellation of events in 2020, almost totally eradicated her income. Hence the need to move to a smaller, less expensive address. But as she puts its it, she couldn't be happier in her new surroundings. She hopes to begin playing venues locally in Grey County once pandemic restrictions subside. As well, she would like to revisit some of her favourite venues in and around Waterloo, Toronto, Niagara, and many other places in Southern Ontario.

"The last year has been bittersweet. I think it has been really hard on so many people, myself included. Finances, mental health, and community have all definitely taken a blow, but I think creativity, introspection, and the strength of relationships have all surprisingly, been given a boost by living in isolation," she explains, adding, "I’ve spent a lot of time writing and learning!"

"Walks, tea, and snacks are the main things that get me through the week, along with music of course! I think a lot of happiness can be found in the small things in life," she philosophizes. For her musical solace, she lists the newly-released Leave the Door Open by Bruno Mars and Anderson, Paak, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Noah Cyrus, and Chance the Rapper. Her favourite COVID-relief comfort food is chocolate-covered almonds.

On April 9, she will release a new single, Liquor. This bluesy, mellow, pop song is another Paige Warner original, produced by Josh Polasz with creation, production and promotion funded by the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund. Liquor is a song near to Paige’s heart, and brings a fresh take on her signature sound.

You will also find her music on her website, Facebook or Instagram pages, as well as any online streaming platform, by searching Paige Warner. "I hope to keep the amazing online community I’ve found in isolation, and will be ‘partying’ with my social media followers all throughout this release!" she says. "I will also have some fun giveaways and promotions on my Instagram page leading up to April 9, so make sure to follow @paigewarnermusic to join the virtual party!"

Listen to her latest single, Liquor, released April 9.

Take our reader survey for a chance to win a Paige Warner prize package including an I don't need boys sweatshirt and Revealed EP. Simply answer the question: What's the first thing you'll do post-pandemic?


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