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Chatsworth, Grey Highlands, Southgate and West Grey

Don't know how to get more customers for your business? Are you relying on word of mouth? We are an online news provider in South Grey, an alternative to newspaper advertising. Our site can reach beyond the paid subscriptions of local newspapers. To advertise, contact us and we can put together an advertising and marketing plan customized for your needs and budget.

Why advertise on South Grey News?

  • get more customers with our engaged and growing website visitors who are looking for local offerings
  • save money on long term campaigns
  • save money with discounts for non profit organizations
  • your ad can be linked to your website, facebook page, landing page or email address to make effective use of your advertising dollars
  • we cover Chatsworth, Grey Highlands, Southgate and West Grey with a population of 29,475
  • your ad can be changed during your campaign
  • ads are located on every news page
  • right side square and tower ad positions are changed twice a week so that your ad will appear above the fold during a month long campaign
Are you a Chamber of Commerce member?
  • we offer member discounts of 25% on all ad sizes for the first ad booked for a period of up to one year and a 10% discount for subsequent ads (this applies as long as you are a member)

Display Ad sizes

These ads are perfect for services, events, and products

  • Header (400 x 138 px)
  • Banner (780 x 175 px)
  • Tile (240 x 175 px)
  • Video sponsor (400 x 125 px)
  • Weather sponsor (360 x 160 px)
  • Tower (120 x 612 px)
  • Square (300 x 250 px)

Other Ad Types

We also offer the following advertising options:

  • Event ads
  • Job ads
  • Video ads
  • Business profiles
  • Sponsored content
  • Landing pages

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