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June 03, 2021

Letter to the editor: Dumping of industrial proportions taking place on Wilcox Lake Road site

large truck dumping soil on the ground

LETTER TO THE EDITOR — The residents of Ceylon and the surrounding community were rudely awoken on Thursday May 20, in the morning, with the restarting of large trucks dumping on what is now known as the “Wilcox Lake Dump Site.” It was noted that a convoy of heavy dump trucks extended in a line-up from the entrance to the site, crossing Regional Road 4, waiting to gain entrance to discharge loads of fill. This is now going into the third year of heavy trucks dumping fill at the site. 

Grey-Highlands Council is trying to pass anti-dumping legislation. In this legislation, dumping of industrial proportions is to be limited. How can anybody say that convoy after convoy of heavy dump trucks carrying fill from the GTHA to Ceylon is anything but industrial? At times, the frequency of these vehicles passing through Ceylon was approximately one every two-three minutes.

A very similar parallel may be drawn to a dump site, located in Flamborough Ontario. A seemingly unending number of heavy trucks deposited fill from various parts of the GTHA into this site. This has been documented by well-respected investigative media sources ranging from the Hamilton Spectator, the CBC, Toronto Star, and others. The outcome of this dumping was: serious lawsuits, criminal charges, soil removal and remediation, continuous water testing at government expense, and considerable anger and angst among the local citizens.

We have a perfect storm happening in the Ceylon/Wilcox Lake area. It seems that local governmental agencies have shirked their responsibilities not only to the citizens of the area, but to the local flora and fauna.

There was no public consultation as to what is happening at Wilcox Lake, and what is happening now is only taking place “after-the-fact.”

The issues at stake are: possible water table contamination; industrial waste, environmental and noise pollution from the site and from the associated trucking; considerable safety hazards within the Ceylon community due to the drivers of heavy dump vehicles intentionally ignoring traffic safety guidelines; devaluation of property prices due to the dumping; a crescendo of pent-up anger within the community in regard to the ongoing situation.

Another very serious issue that was brought to the fore in regard to the parallel situation in Flamborough Ontario is the possible association of money laundering in regard to such projects. This was in fact proven in court in regard to the Flamborough dumping issue. No allegations have been made in regard to the dumping at Wilcox Lake, but it would be a shame to see this kind of activity gaining a foothold in the Grey-Highlands area.

It is now time for us to understand that Ceylon is a vibrant, and young community. There are many children living in Ceylon, something that has not been a fact for a long time. How awful would it be for us to have a child accidently fall under the wheels of one of these heavy dump trucks heading to the Wilcox Lake Dump Site?

It is time for us, as a community, to come together in order to understand what is precious to us: a clean environment, the right to live in peace and harmony, and the right for nature not to be disturbed.

Truck going into the dump on dusty road.

Truck entering the dump site.

Dump trucks ready to turn onto Wilcox Lake Road

Typical traffic on Wilcox Lake Road.

wilcox lake road showing wear

Excessive wear and tear on Wilcox Lake Road.

Norman Reintamm, Ceylon


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