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Grey Bruce drug strategy addresses cannabis impaired driving

Grey Bruce drug strategy addresses cannabis impaired driving


A new program to address cannabis impaired driving will roll-out in high schools across Grey Bruce this spring. An interactive program, Weed out the Risk, presents an anti-crash course on cannabis and driving to secondary school students. The Community Drug and Alcohol Strategy is partnering with Springboard Canada to train local police officers, teachers and other community service providers to act as facilitators to deliver the program.

Following the training, local providers will team with facilitators from MADD Canada to deliver the program in local high schools. Classroom based presentations will be offered locally May 21 to 31. The primary goal is to assist in developing an open dialogue and awareness around the issue of smoking cannabis and driving.

Despite an increase in motor vehicle crashes involving cannabis use, the normalization of driving and smoking continues across all age demographics. Nearly one in three youth agree that driving while under the influence of cannabis is not as risky as drinking and driving.

In addition to addressing drug impaired driving concerns, members of the Drug and Alcohol Strategy will be turning their attention to cannabis edibles which are slated to be legalized this coming October.

For more information on Cannabis, visit the Grey Bruce Health Unit website.

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