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Kaleena Johnson Defends:

by Richard Wagamese


With a new year upon us, many have personal transformation on our minds. The novel Starlight centres around one character, Emmy, and her personal transformation while introducing us to other characters who are the catalyst for this change and the gentle guides who help and see her through this transformation.

Care and attention are prevalent throughout the novel in the character and plot development. There’s a sense of building affection between the readers and its characters until trust is awarded and the depths of the characters begin to be revealed. As human beings, we long for a connection; to a person, nature, place or thing, and while reading Starlight, I was enthralled by author, Richard Wagamese's ability to write with raw honest, concrete understanding and eloquence. I was able to parallel myself to the characters and the plot itself.

Throughout the novel, readers are exposed to many facets of human nature, cruelty, anger, fear, and utter beauty, all of which leads us to examine how we choose to live our lives as well.
Wagamese died March 24, 2017 with Starlight not yet being finished. Readers are left with not knowing if Emmy was able to honour her transformation or when faced with adversity, abandon them.

Plot summary

The novel begins with us first meeting Starlight after encountering a significant loss in his life. Readers then reflect and journey with Starlight through his home, surroundings and past and what his next move should be - does he leave the only place he's only ever known, or does he venture to somewhere new to begin a new life? Ultimately, he decides to stay at his home at which point creates the backdrop and inspiration for the rest of the novel.

Starlight, the novel, is broken up into three books;
1) Wild Things
2) Deer Stalker
3) Unbroken Love

All three books, to me had three different plots, as they all identify and expose the different layers and the transformation of Emmy.

Book One: Wild Things begins with plotting the escape of Emmy and her daughter Winnie from an extremely loveless and lonely life only filled with years of abuse, neglect and many hardships. Once finally "free", readers journey with the mother and daughter duo as they travel many distances to separate themselves from the men with whom they encountered the many years of abuse from. Even with all the miles separating the girls and their former life they still carry with them the damages put onto them throughout their life until one day when they fatefully met Starlight.

Book Two: Deer Stalker, it's been sometime now that Emmy and Winnie have been residing with Starlight, and although their life is pleasant enough, they are still in the grips of their former life. In this book journey with Starlight, his friend Roth, Emmy and Winnie through the backcountry and mountain range of western Canada and Starlight guides the girls in finding a connection with something greater than themselves. Through this discovery and connection, Emmy can see life in a different light and begins to life with a different purpose, love and happiness- with herself, her daughter, Roth and Starlight.

Book Three: Unbroken Love, finally living a life with meaning and free from fear of her past, Emmy is flourishing, as well as Winnie. Living life comfortable and unsuspecting, Emmy is confronted by the men from her past who have relentlessly hunted her.

More on Starlight to come soon!

Grey County Reads

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How to Participate

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  • Kaleena Johnson, Manager of Customer & Media Relations for the MS Chi-Cheemaun, will advocate for Starlight by Richard Wagamese.
  • Terry Burns, writer, poet, visual artist and arts administrator, will advocate for Bellevue Square by Michael Redhill.
  • Steve Morel, Entertainer and Arts Administrator for Durham Art Gallery, will advocate for Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice.
  • Geoff Bowes, actor, author and former carpenter, will advocate for Steal Away Home by Karolyn Smardz-Frost.
  • Carolyn Letourneau, Executive Director for Beaver Valley Outreach will advocate for The Evening Chorus by Helen Humphreys.

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