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Fall Photo Contest - 2018

South Grey Fall Photo Contest

We wish to thank our sponsors for another successful Fall Photo Contest.

Voting has ended. We want to thank everyone who submitted their beautiful photos as well as those who voted in the contest. We received 65 entries and registered over 170 votes during the voting period. Our top three entries as chosen by our readers are...

 Teddi Jones winning photograph

Teddi Jones wins $25 gift certificates from The Bicycle Café and Mullin Bookkeeping.


Kendra McMillan winning photographKendra McMillan wins $25 gift certificates from The Restaurant at Leela's Villa Inn and The Bookstore.


Jenn Morgan winning photographJenn Morgan wins $25 gift certificates from Steven's BBQ Restaurant and Nature's Path Osteopathy and Alternative Healing.


In addition, we have selected three random winners from amongst all voters, to receive  family passes to Grey Roots Museum and Archives. They are...

Jewel Middleton
Bev Hughes
Bonnie Sherman

Check out the full gallery of enties below.



1. Lori Whibbs2. Robert Pointer3. Jenn Morgan4. Debra Wright
5. El Merrifield6. Christina Brodie7. Robert Vincent8. Karen Currie
9. Allison Wyatt10. Robert Vincent11. Peter French12. Dan Minkin
13. Darlene Patten14. Faye Fisher15. Lori Whibbs16. Robert Vincent
17. Robert Pointer18. Lori Whibbs19. Robert Vincent20. Laura Murakami
21. Alison Wyatt22. Robert Vincent23. Lori Whibbs24. Robert Pointer
25. Alison Wyatt25. Lori Whibbs27. Robert Vincent28. Leone Buckley
29. Robert Pointer30. Edy Cartright31. Ursula Burkhardt32. Faye Fisher
33. Robert Pointer34. Robert Vincent35. Alison Wyatt36. Bentley Patey
37. Lori Whibbs38. Robert Pointer39. Jenn Morgan40. Robert Vincent
41. Chris Lang42. Teddi Jones43. Robert Vincent44. Heather Hill
45. Faye Fisher46. Jenn Morgan47. Ursula Burkhardt48. Michelle Taylor
49. Ursula Burkhardt50. Bonnie Gardiner51. Alison Wyatt52. Robert Vincent
53. Teddi Jones54. Suzanne Dow55. Alex Dow56. Rosetta Brake
57. Kendra McMillan58. Robert Vincent59. Teddi Jones60. Alison Wyatt
61. Teddi Jones62. Robert Vincent63. Teddi Jones64. Lori Whibbs
65. Robert Pointer

Leela's Villa Inn
Steven's Restaurant
Mullin's Bookkeeping
Bicycle Cafe
Nature's Path Osteopathy
The Bookstore