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West Grey partners with medical marijuana manufacturer

west grey entering partnership

Above, West Grey Mayor Eccles and Janice Britton, CGI’s Chief Executive Officer.

The Municipality of West Grey will be entering into a partnership with CannAssist Group Inc. (CGI) to explore bringing a medical marijuana manufacturing facility to West Grey.

In a West Grey media release, Mayor Kevin Eccles noted that this term of council, even more than any other term, has been driven by community and economic development priorities. “Entering into a partnership with CannAssist is a significant step forward in job creation, revenue generation and community building – all of which are directly connected to West Grey’s Action Plan and the goals of council and the community,” said Mayor Eccles.

“Being one of only five municipalities chosen by CannAssist speaks to how attractive it is to do business in West Grey,” he added.

Under the agreement, the municipality receives royalties from CGI and, in return, provides land for CGI’s production facility. CGI is responsible to construct and operate the facility, and estimates creating a minimum of 120 jobs in a 250,000 sq. ft. facility. 

“West Grey’s location is quite strategic for CannAssist’s logistics needs and labour requirements,” said Janice Britton, CGI’s Chief Executive Officer. “I believe CGI’s corporate beliefs of integrity in business and excellence in corporate stewardship matches West Grey’s culture and I am hopeful for a long and successful partnership.”

A series of public information meetings will be held throughout the project and will be advertised through the municipal website and local media.

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Hugh Lawford commented on 09-May-2018 08:50 AM3 out of 5 stars
An interesting "teaser" for residents of West Grey. It would be even more interesting if the "location" of the proposed project/facility were disclosed. When will this information be released?
Hugh Lawford commented on 09-May-2018 09:14 AM3 out of 5 stars
In Jan. this year, CannAssist (CGI group) announced receiving a "certificate of readiness" from the government for constructing a 'copy' project/facility (250,000 sq ft) to produce marijuana in Kapuskasing and estimated it would require 40-50 jobs. Why would the proposed West Grey plant createso many more jobs - "a minimum of 120 jobs"?
Anonymous commented on 10-May-2018 08:17 AM5 out of 5 stars
Yippe, I order from Manitoba
Tom Hutchinson commented on 14-Jun-2018 08:45 AM3 out of 5 stars
From what I'm reading, we are donating our precious land to them in exchange for royalties. What if they were to go bankrupt in the future? We would be stuck with a building that is set up specifically for that purpose. I think this should be presented to the community including the agreement that they will hire and maintain 120 employee's. Funny how time changes. In the last election, I suggested we may have to consider looking at incentives (tax breaks, land cost breaks) to get companies to come here. It was shut down. 4 years later, I guess it is OK to re-think this concept.
Anonymous commented on 09-Oct-2018 05:06 PM3 out of 5 stars
So far it's looking like nothing ever came of this. These guys are/were perhaps too early stage to have partnered with. If this is the sort of deal we want I'm sure there are others that actually have their license that we could have dealt with?

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