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Turn the clocks forward this weekend and look for sure signs of Spring this month

Spring ahead



According to, winter will still have several parting shots for us this month with periods of late winter weather and a higher than usual threat for winter storms.

“Yay! That’s just what I was hoping for,” said no one in our region. goes on to say that while significant periods of warmth are expected at times, chillier stretches of weather will tend to win out overall.

Despite this bit of bad news, there can be no mistaking certain clear signs that warmer weather will be here… eventually.

Take this weekend for example. At 2 am on Saturday, March 11, we turn the clocks forward to 3 am, instantly making it one hour later. (And you thought time travel wasn't possible.) Fire safety advocates everywhere remind us to test our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change the batteries at this time of year as well.

On March 17, we will have exactly 12 hours of daylight followed by 12 hours of darkness. St. Patrick's Day revellers will appreciate the extended morning darkness as they wake up in their green attire not so fresh from an evening of green beer and river dancing.

Despite this, the official first day of Spring will arrive three days later on March 20. “Why the delay,” you might ask. The reason is technical. Our seasons are actually determined by the astronomical calendar (no, that's not a huge calendar) which sets the first day of Spring when the earth's rotational axis is at a 23.5 degree angle in relation to its orbit around the sun. (It’s not clear how flat earthers know when seasons change. Maybe it's the first day they pull the frisbee – that wonderous air-suspended earth-shaped disc – out of winter storage.)

More daylight in our waking hours will mean we all should be a little happier this Sunday. Sunlight is believed to trigger the release of a hormone called serotonin in our brain. This is associated with lifting one’s mood and helping us feel calm and focused.

If is correct, we may need that newly improved sunny disposition to deal with the active storm track that is expected across the region, bringing above normal precipitation and stormy weather at times through March and April.

With heavier rainfall, the risk of flooding is always a concern. However, the winter snowpack has already melted significantly due to the extended February thaw. If heavy rainfalls are in our future then the lack of snow on the ground should relieve some flooding concerns.

Many have also noticed a spikey greenish substance revealed beneath the melted blanket of white stuff. Remember back. This is in fact, grass which is normally a scarce commodity at this time of year.

Others may have noticed the pungent smell of skunk returning to the air as the hibernatorial varmints stumble from their dens only to meet their unfortunate destiny with hapless motorists.

Ahhhh, Spring!

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Catherine commented on 08-Mar-2018 07:27 AM4 out of 5 stars
loved the humour:-)

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