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Top 10 story countdown of 2019: #10

Top 10 story countdown of 2019: #10

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound gets a new MP

BY SOUTHGREY.CA STAFF — Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound (BGOS) MP Larry Miller retired from his position in January, 2019. "I have to admit, I've lost the fire in my belly," said Miller in a January 18 news conference. So, with nothing more than fishing and family on his agenda, the veteran of 15 years and five consecutive terms as federal MP, left the door wide open for a new political upstart to take his place.

Enter retired Colonel Alex Ruff, who immediately threw his hat into the ring to replace Larry Miller as the Conservative representative. After serving 25 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, Ruff returned to the area, re-establishing his early rural roots and his connections to the local community through the Tara Legion, local events and fairs.

MP Alex Ruff

Ruff was joined by five other Canadian political party representatives vying for the position, including Liberal candidate Michael Den Tandt, NDP candidate Chris Stephen, Green Party candidate Danielle Valliquette, People's Party candidate Bill Townsend and Libertarian candidate Dan Little. Each of them presented their platforms and opinions at several public debates.

In a special election report, South Grey News posed five questions to the candidates who took their time to give thoughtful responses just two weeks prior to the official election day. The report was well read by visitors to the site, showing just how engaged people were in making their choice for local MP.

With 46.2% of the votes counted on October 21, Ruff was declared the new BGOS MP. But local success for the Conservative Party did not extend to the entire country as Justin Trudeau's Liberals hung on to a minority government in Canada.

"I'm now humbled to be given this privilege of continuing to serve our great riding," said Ruff. On December 5, the First Session of Canada's 43rd Parliament began and MP Alex Ruff took his place in Ottawa. On December 13, the House was adjourned and will resume on January 27, 2020.

South Grey News wishes him well in his new role.

To read more about Alex Ruff's journey, check out these South Grey News story links:

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