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The Night of Too Many Pumpkins in Cedarville

Carved Jack-o-lanterns on display.

Carved Jack-o-lanterns of all descriptions were on display.


BY LYNNE TURNER FOR SOUTHGREY.CA — It was billed as "The Night of Too Many Pumpkins" but those taking advantage of the family-friendly Halloween fun on Oct. 25 and 26 found just the right number. (Sunday night's event had to be cancelled due to weather concerns.)

Community members were invited to drive through the grounds of the Cedarville Community Centre, located at Camp Fincayra on Southgate Road 10 just outside of the tiny hamlet, for the special Halloween event.

Three hundred carved Jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins were on display, lighting up the night, along with decorated hay bales, donated by local schools, businesses and individuals. The event highlighted the creativity of the local community.

Cedarville Community Centre is located at Camp Fincayra, a place where respite is offered for people with autism spectrum disorders year-round, as well as summer and weekend camps. According to the camp's website, it is "a place for children and youth with exceptionalities to focus on building relationships, communication and job skills, while also providing a motivating environment for the development of social, emotional and cognitive skills." Camp directors are Howard and Julie Dalal.

Many have heard of a young man, Sam Forbes, who was hired to work at Starbucks as the result of a partnership between Camp Fincayra and the coffee company.  Sam is now recognized worldwide as the "dancing barista" after a YouTube video went viral with over six million views. The "dancing barista" was also featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Since the Cedarville Community Centre in the hamlet was sold several years ago, Howard and Julie Dalal have let Cedarville area residents use the facilities a half-dozen times a year for community events.

an employee at Camp Ficayra busily lighting up Jack-o-lanterns

Ashley Brydon of Mount Forest, an employee at Camp Ficayra, was busily lighting up Jack-o-lanterns prior to carloads of people driving through The Night of Too Many Pumpkins at the Cedarville Community Centre.


Hay bales were decorated a super heroes.

Hay bales were decorated a super heroes.


some of the pumpkins on display

The Dalal's daughter Kylie, nine years old, poses with some of the pumpkins on display.


Pumpkins atop decorated hay bales

Pumpkins atop decorated hay bales.


The entrance to Camp Fincayra, where the Cedarville Community Centre is located

The entrance to Camp Fincayra, where the Cedarville Community Centre is located, was a tease for all the Halloween wonders when one drove up the laneway during The Night of Too Many Pumpkins. 

Photos by Lynne Turner



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