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The Trio at Massie Hall a musical treat for everyone

the trio at massie hall

Chris Scerri (lead vocals and guitar) Victoria Yeh (electric 5 string violin) Jon Zaslow (electric guitar).


BY SOUTHGREY.CA — Massie Hall is a small concert venue, community centre and former schoolhouse located in the small village of Massie in the Township of Chatsworth.

There was not a bad seat in the house as the hall filled with people sitting around small tables, creating a very cozy and casual atmosphere. Free snacks such as popcorn, cookies, soft drinks and water were available to the audience.

Chris Scerri played guitar and sang lead vocals while Victoria Yeh accompanied on electric violin and Jon Zaslow on electric guitar. 

The Trio offered a mix of music with each musician having a turn in the spotlight as well as playing as a group. The crowd was treated to songs by The Beatles, Neil Young, The Band as well as original music from Zaslow's One More Lumdy Lai CD and Victoria Yeh's recently released The Spirit Awakens. Scerri gave a nod to many previous cover versions of Just a Gigolo before launching into his own nostalgic rendition.

Chris moved to Meaford in 2014, where he created the Meaford Summer Concert Series featuring local talent along with headline bands in 2016 and 2017.

Jon Zaslow plays at local music venues in Meaford, Owen Sound and Collingwood.

Victoria Yeh played the electric violin with great mastery using a loop station to create a rich, multi-layered effect. She started playing violin at age 4, has studied classical violin and played at many venues. She said, "I enjoy playing these small venues. At Massey Hall in Toronto, believe me, they don't make you cookies," referring to the cookies baked for everyone on Saturday night.

The next and last concert of the 2019 season at Massie Hall will feature singer-songwriter Shawna Caspi with local talent Rob Elder on October 19.

See Toronto singer-songwriter Shawna Caspi performs at Massie Hall in Chatsworth October 19

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