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Taxpayer equitability consideration needed in Grey Gables decision: Letter

Reader says Grey Gables decision should be reversed

Dear Editor,

I believe the recent decision to sell Grey Gables is wrong. More consideration needed to be given to taxpayer equitability, as evidenced by the numbers below. This is the type of work that should be done to bolster decisions, and it shouldn’t need to be done by citizens.

Once again we can show Kim Wingrove and County Council that the numbers don't lie. The decision to sell Grey Gables should be reversed as we have shown in the past that Grey Gables is the most in-demand home due to it having the longest waiting list. It is the most centrally located home in the county and we can see that it is also undersized when viewed through an equitability lens. Again, numbers don't lie.

Grey County has a total of 47,811 tax-paying homes/families in total. The levy equitability factor uses homes.

Owen Sound has 10,349 homes - using the bed equitability factor of .00661 (316/47,811=.00661) should be entitled to 68.6 beds. 

Town of Blue Mountain has 6,477 homes. The equitable beds is 43.

West Grey has 5,648 homes. The equitable beds is 37.5.

Meaford has 5,590 homes. The equitable beds is 37.2.

Grey Highlands has 5,299 homes. The equitable beds is 35.3. 

Georgian Bluffs has 5,069 homes. The equitable beds is 33.7. 

Hanover has 3,404 homes. The equitable beds is 22.7.

Chatsworth has 2,988 homes. The equitable beds is 20.

Southgate has 2,987 homes. The equitable beds is 18.

The county currently has three strategically located long term care (LTC) facilities. Current health planning tries to make every effort for those requiring LTC services to be close to their home and family. Driving distances are very important. 

Let's look at the three facilities and try to match up the equitable beds.

Lee Manor - {150 beds}
Owen Sound - 68.6
Georgian Bluffs - 33.7 
Meaford - 37.2 
One half of Chatsworth - 10  

Total beds equitably distributed - 149.5 ~ 150 available

Rockwood Terrace - {100 beds} 
West Grey - 37.5
Hanover - 22.7
One half of Chatsworth - 10
One half of Southgate - 9
Total beds equitably distributed - 79.2 ~ 100 available

Grey Gables - {66 beds} 
Town of Blue Mountains - 43 
Grey Highlands - 35.3 
One half of Southgate - 9 
Total beds equitably distributed - 87.3 ~ 66 available.  

The current three strategic locations make sense and as you can see, by using the equitability of beds factor, Lee Manor is right sized, Rockwood Terrace is 20.8 beds too big and Grey Gables is too small by 21.3 beds.  

The current bed allocation for each facility should not change but the equitability factor should be noted and understood so that county decisions are evidence based.

Darrin Patey,


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