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Weekend camp teaches families the art of surviving a zombie apocalypse

The art of surviving a zombie apocalypse

Above, photo courtesy of Zombie Survival Camp.


There were two zombie outbreaks at the “Ground Zero-Family Camp” held at the Zombie Survival Camp in West Grey the weekend of August 10 to 12.

Especially designed for families with kids 12 and older, the camp attracted 25 participants from as far away as Gatineau, Aurora, Toronto and Hamilton and some “from just up the road, neighbours really.” Attendees spent Saturday at workshops learning bush craft survival skills including how to find shelter, how to build a fire and how to find food and medicine in the wild. Zombie fighters also learned military field tactics, archery, weapons training and "zom-jitsu" which is described as “hand-to-rotting hand combat".

Jacqueline and Ennio, a mother and son from Switzerland who now call Toronto home, attended the “Ground Zero-Family Camp” for a second time and because of their advanced training, “they’re going to be killing zombies tonight,” Dominic Etynkowski of the Zombie Survival Camp told on Saturday morning. “Then, Sunday, after breakfast, the [stuff] hits the fan,” he said.

Etynkowski said there would be at least a dozen zombies taking part in the full-blown outbreak.

The six original owners of the Zombie Survival Camp all “have a love of survival and zombie culture” and Etynkowski said they were “inspired by the mistakes people made in zombie movies and pop culture … inspired to teach people real disaster skills."

“Zombies are super fun,” he added.

Guest and volunteer instructors joined the six in teaching the weekend workshops.

The Zombie Survival Camp has been in West Grey for two years and on its website states that it "trains people in wilderness survival, self-defence and self-reliance (with a) signature zombie outbreak simulation (that) will turn any group of people into a tight-knit survival squad.”

In addition to the trademark survival weekends, people can host bachelor parties, birthday parties and corporate team building events at the camp.

Instructor Natashia Smith explained how to take a pulse in a field medicine workshop. Photo by Lynne Turner

"Zombies are super fun," said Dominic Etynkowski. And yes the Zombie Survival Camp is a real camp in West Grey. Photo by Lynne Turner

On the left, participants look for zombies during a workshop at the Zombie Family Camp. On the right, Dieter Stadnyk discusses the finer points of tracking zombies. Photos by Lynne Turner

Instructor Eric Somervillle explained that a tea made of white pine needles or cedar bows are filled with vitamins and can fend off scurvy. Photo by Lynne Turner

Jacqueline and Ennio attended their second family camp and as a result of their advanced skills were in charge of "killing zombies" during an outbreak Saturday night. Photo by Lynne Turner

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