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Saugeen Connects launches student start-up program

Saugeen Connects launches student start-up program

In 2019, the Saugeen Connects Partnership consisting of Brockton, Hanover, Minto, Wellington North and West Grey, along with the Saugeen Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), will launch the Saugeen Student Start-Up Program (SSUP) designed to provide the opportunity for students in Grades 6 to 12 to try self-employment during their summer holidays, July and August.

This program was launched in Norfolk County in 2016 and has received multiple awards at both provincial and national levels. It was also a finalist in the prestigious Lieutenant Governor’s Award for best achievement in the province. "We are so grateful that Norfolk County and the person who created the program, Jerry Sucharyna, have allowed us the opportunity to replicate SSUP here in the Saugeen Region," read a Saugeen Connects media release.

The program is designed to fuel the creativity and business skills of Saugeen area students for 2019. "Entrepreneurs grow in the Saugeen region and we want to continue to support students in Grades 6-12," read the release. "We have committed time, resources, and cash to spark this program and are now looking for companies and organizations to join us in investing in the Saugeen region's future."

Interested applicants are asked to complete a relaxed business plan and be eligible to earn $200 cash to help get their business idea started or expanded. If they post a photo on social media engaged in their business using the hashtag #saugeenssup and submit a final report, they can receive a $100 bonus. The application deadline is 4:30 p.m. June 14 with successful applicants being notified by June 21.

Interested applicants or anyone interested in sponsoring a student can visit or email

“We believe that our youth have an impact on our community and are the source of skills, labour force and entrepreneurship for our future," read the media release. Funding for the program comes from the Saugeen Connects partnership, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs' (OMAFRA) Rural Economic Development (RED) Program and the region's generous businesses community.

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