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Spring takes a holiday as ice storm hits the region

freezing rain



Grey County braced itself for an ice storm of historic proportions this weekend and Mother Nature complied, making travel treacherous, changing plans and cancelling many events in the region.

freezing rain weather radar 

Instant Weather Ontario mid-morning radar showed the extent of freezing rain covering southern Ontario on Sunday.


Following a messy Friday evening and Saturday with all manner of precipitation including rain, sleet, ice pellets and freezing rain, Sunday and early Monday provided the worst of it as freezing rain engulfed almost all of southern Ontario. Strong winds added to the misery, combining with the ice to cause power outages across the province.

Over Saturday and Sunday, Hydro One reported that over 500 customers in Ontario were without power. But all in all, South Grey County came away relatively unscathed prior to Monday morning when many more power outages were reported. Many residents in the area lost power overnight with Hydro One reporting over 500 homes near Varney and Holstein in southern West Grey and Southgate Township affected.

Roads were very slippery, landing many vehicles in the ditch all across Ontario. Many motorists regretted the early removal of snow tires prior to this late winter storm. On Saturday, Traffic Ontario issued a "No Tow Advisory", indicating that if a vehicle landed in a ditch, it wouldn't be towed until Monday due to the dangers of towing in icy weather conditions. The OPP tagged many vehicles in ditches along highway 401 and elsewhere so they could be retrieved later. Given the continuing weather conditions in many areas, retrieval dates could be extended to later in the week.

Several churches in our area cancelled Sunday services. Holstein Maplefest also cancelled Sunday's events due to the bad weather but were able to keep many events going through Friday and Saturday. Flesherton Minor Hockey cancelled their registration and banquet which was set to be held on Sunday as well. Many more cancellations are expected today and tomorrow.

All school buses in Grey and Bruce Counties were also cancelled this Monday morning as freezing rain continued to create slippery conditions overnight.

Mixed precipitation is expected to continue throughout the day on Monday with rain, freezing rain and ice pellets turning into a further blast of snow later on in the day and overnight. On Tuesday, snow will ease up but flurries will last until mid-week when milder air eventually moves into the region. Another 5 cm of the white stuff is expected for southern Grey County through tonight and tomorrow.

Check for bus cancellations through the week. All major routes remained open on Monday morning but side roads and streets may be slippery. Travel only if necessary.

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