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Set your clocks forward this weekend and get out the beach sandals!

Set your clocks forward this weekend and get out the beach sandals!


Okay. So get out the sandals but we didn't say to put them on yet! While a polar vortex still grips the area for the remainder of this week, according to, spring-like weather could be upon us in a matter of days!



Except for a few typically tumultuous seasonal interruptions of colder temperatures, a quick transition from winter to spring should transform Southern Ontario sometime in mid-March. In fact, looking ahead to next week's weather forecast, relief is already in sight with positive temperatures gracing the region for much of the week.

And the good news doesn't end there! At 2 am this Sunday, March 10, we turn the clocks forward to 3 am, making it lighter in the evening and darker in the early morning.

The beginning of daylight savings time is also the moment we should test our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, changing the batteries to keep them fresh and in good working order.

On March 20, spring will officially arrive at 5:58 pm.

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