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Split Rail Artists strut their stuff at the Flesherton Farmers' Market

Split Rail Artists strut their stuff at the Flesherton Farmers' Market

Above, waterfall painting by Richard McNaughton.



Members of the Split Rail Artists came out to the Flesherton and District Farmers' Market on Saturday to show off some of their works. Customers browsed through a selection of oils, watercolours and acrylics in a variety of styles and compositions.

Faye Dawe 

Faye Dawe stands beside two of her landscape paintings.


Sharon Jackson 

Sharon Jackson is known for her animal portraits but also dabbles with other subject matter.


Swimming dog painting 

Jackson's accomplished painting of a swimming dog was a marvellous example of her work.


Susan Grant 

Susan Grant tackles a wide variety of subjects in her paintings.


Trillium painting 

Marg Quarrie displayed a few of her paintings including this one of a forest floor of trilliums and other wildflowers.

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