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South East Grey Community Health Centre looking to expand

South East Grey Community Health Centre looking to expand


The South East Grey Community Health Centre (SEGCHC) in Markdale has outgrown its facility, according to SEGCHC Executive Director Allen Madden.

In a presentation made to Grey Highlands Council December 5, Madden presented statistics from 2018 showing SEGCHC to be the highest performing community health facility in the province and the need for services in SEGCHC communities is growing.

SEGCHC is looking to develop a new 25,000 sq ft facility in Markdale and move out of their current head office at 55 Victoria Street. The current location is approximately 14,000 sq ft in size. In addition, the organization hopes to expand facilities in their Dundalk satellite location to meet demand. Madden expressed a willingness to co-locate and co-own the new building with other stakeholders with a desire to offer palliative care in the new facility.

SEGCHC also operates satellite locations in Chatsworth and Flesherton and serves the communities of Chatsworth, Grey Highlands, West Grey and Southgate.

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