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Back to school Scrabble tournament supports Youth Literacy

Back to school Scrabble tournament supports Youth Literacy


Youth Literacy will host another entertaining Scrabble® fundraiser on Friday, August 24th at the Garafraxa Café, 131 Garafraxa St S, in Durham. Starting at 6:30 pm, players 16 and over, of all abilities, can gain a little glory – and a prize or two! - with their high-scoring words.

Registration starts at 6:15 pm.  First game starts promptly at 6:30 pm, with three games in round-robin play.

Entry is $20 per person (tax receipts available) with proceeds to support the work of Youth Literacy.

There will be prizes for highest scoring word and highest game score. Each game is timed at 45 minutes, so thinking caps definitely on the fashion list for the evening!

Register at or 519 364-0008 or at the Garafraxa. Word!

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