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Saugeen Trading Community winter market in Durham

Saugeen Trading Community's winter market at the Durham Legion Hall

People milled around and chatted as the Saugeen Trading Community's winter market gets underway at the Durham Legion Hall on Nov. 24.

BY LYNNE TURNER FOR SOUTHGREY.CA — The Durham Legion was a beehive of activity on Sunday, Nov. 25 when the Saugeen Trading Community (STC) held its winter market. A spring market was held in Elmwood and a summer market in Chesley.

According to its website, "the STC is a regionally-based monetary system that endeavours to meet economic and and social needs of the local community by providing a vehicle for the exchange of labour and goods."

In 1993 a diverse group of Grey-Bruce citizens from many walks of life and vocations created "an alternative currency called Saugeen Bucks (or saubucks)" the website says. "A STC members transfers saubucks from her or his account as payment for good and services received from another member... by email, telephone (the Tradeline) or snail-mail."

"Using saubucks encourages local entrepreneurship and local jobs," the website says. "It reinforces our mutual interdependence."

Non-STC members were able to purchase good and services at Sunday's market with old-fashioned cash instead of saubucks.

handcrafted crokinole board

Eight-year-old John and seven-year-old Abby had never even heard of crokinole until they saw a handcrafted crokinole board set up at Anne and Bernie Range's display at the winter market. Mr. Range, in the background, explained the basis of the game and then returned to his paperwork while the two Waterloo children played a game. The Big Bay couple also had honey for sale on Sunday.

home-baked pies, photo art cards, memorabilia and other items

Lucy Bacon, pictured, and partner Bob Jones of Holstein had home-baked pies, photo art cards (Mr. Jones is a photographer), memorabilia and other items and even a basket of butternuts for sale. A sign said the nuts are delicious if you can get through the hard shells to the meat.

West Grey Mayor Christine Robinson and West Grey Councillor Beth Hamilton

West Grey Mayor Christine Robinson, second from the right and West Grey Councillor Beth Hamilton, right, dropped by the Saugeen Trading Community's winter market at the Durham Legion on Sunday. In the photo they chat with Kathleen Dachuk of Orangeville, formerly of Durham and still a STC member and Christine Barrie of Durham, a former STC member and simply a shopper at Sunday's market. Councillor Hamilton was a member but has been too busy since being elected to council to make chokecherry jelly and other products to offer. She does still teach piano lessons to several people as part of STC. 

songwriter and author Dave Beverly-Foster

Dave Beverly-Foster of Peabody, near Chesley, was strumming his guitar at Sunday's market. The songwriter and author had his writings and CDs for sale.

fresh veggies, chicken, pork, duck, and lamb hides

Jason Hayes of  Burdock Grove Farm, Williamsford, is a member of the Saugeen Trading Community and at the winter market was selling fresh veggies, chicken, pork, duck, and lamb hides. He was also serving up samples of chicken pate on home baked sourdough bread. In the photo he makes change for customers Brenda Hsueh of Chesley, holding two-and-a-half year old Emily. 

Photos by Lynne Turner

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