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Rocklyn Inn adds ice cream and snacks to their recently revived B&B

Rocklyn Ice Cream and Snack Shop

Michael and Lesley Telfser are ready to serve you at their new Ice Cream and Snack Shop in Rocklyn.


BY SOUTHGREY.CA STAFF — As of Friday, June 5, short-term rentals including lodges, cabins, cottages, homes, condominiums and B&Bs were allowed to resume operations in Ontario. That was music to the ears of Lesley Telfser, owner of Rocklyn Inn B&B, who had been hard-hit by the pandemic-induced business shutdown of nearly three months earlier. Originally excluded from earlier business relief programs, the couple eventually found temporary aid through the COVID-19 Regional Relief and Recovery Fund. On June 9, Telfser served her first guests since the beginning of March when the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic nightmare had begun.

Prepared for the re-opening, Lesley and her husband Michael have put certain practices into place to address health and safety concerns. "We're only booking a certain number of rooms at a time to allow people to have their own bathroom, whereas before they were shared," said Lesley, who added, "We will also be having three days between bookings to allow for proper sanitation, and serving breakfast at specific times to keep folks separate."

Rocklyn Ice Cream and Snack Shop

During the forced time off from their B&B, the enterprising couple also thought about the business and how to broaden it's scope, positioning themselves to not only, survive the summer, but also serve the local community. "We decided Rocklyn needed an Ice Cream & Snack Shop again," said Lesley, referring to the former ice-cream and baked goods takeout offered by the former Rocklyn General Store. "It is such a busy little village with lots of travellers, farmers and cyclists passing by. We wanted to offer delicious treats, refreshments, a comfy rest stop and washroom for our community during the hot summer months and when folks just need a break!" she added. "We are so excited to be opening this little shop out of our Bed & Breakfast for our guests and community!"

Clarence family eating ice cream

The Clarence family enjoy their desserts on one of the picnic tables outside.


Open for business this past weekend, the shop was busy serving local residents and travellers who stopped in for a treat and to wish Mike and Lesley well in their new endeavour. The Clarence family including Rob, Amy, Willow, Kestrel and Aurora live a short drive away and took advantage of such close proximity to have a delicious cold summer treat. "It's great to have this in town again," said Rob, referring to the past glory of the old general store which locked its doors a few years ago.

The new side-business will serve Chapman's ice cream in sundaes, cones and cups but will also be selling fresh coffee, tea, refreshments, pop, juice, water, snacks, fresh baked goods and salads. The Telfsers will also be renting the commercial kitchen in the Rocklyn Arena next door to prepare homemade soups and sandwiches.

For more information about Rocklyn Inn Bed and Breakfast, visit or find them on Facebook.


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Updated March 12, 2020.

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