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Communities at risk by changes to Conservation Authorities Act, warns GSCA and MGH

GSCA changes to Conservation Authorities Act

BY SOUTHGREY.CA STAFF — Grey Sauble Conservation Authority (GSCA) issued a media release on November 19 in response to changes to the Conservation Authorities Act, under the 2020 Provincial Budget Bill, Bill 229. According to GSCA, the changes introduced, will limit the conservation authorities’ ability to protect people, property, and the environment. "Most of these changes have come with no warning or consultations and have raised concerns with GSCA, who believes these actions by the Province lack transparency and will put communities across Ontario at risk. It is important for all Ontarians to understand how they may be impacted by these proposed changes to the Conservation Authorities Act and know who they should contact to express their concern."

GSCA has identified several major issues related to these proposed changes that the public and municipalities in Ontario should be concerned about and prepared to act on. 

The organization claims that changes imposed by this Bill would allow the Province to determine which municipally or self-funded programs conservation authorities can undertake. "This undermines the ability of local Boards and Councils to define the programs that are beneficial to their local watershed communities. This Provincial overreach may have significant impacts on public safety, the local environment and resilience to climate change."

Changes to the development permit process include permit appeals to be submitted directly to the Minister of Natural Resources & Forestry (Minister) and for power to be given to the Minister to issue their own permits. "This has the potential for significant negative impacts on Ontarians as it lacks transparency and could add political motivation to permit decisions while removing the use of background information, local watershed knowledge, and scientific expertise on which conservation authority staff currently make these decisions. Further, this change would allow bypassing of the hearing process and could result in development in unsafe locations such as flood plains and the destruction of environmental features," the media release goes on to say.

"The Province has also introduced new fee appeal methods that may cause a significant administrative burden on staff and hearing boards, ultimately leading to delays in development reviews. Ontario’s conservation authorities are tasked with keeping local communities safe from the impacts of natural hazards. Amendments to the Planning Act that remove the ability of conservation authorities to appeal planning decisions will dramatically reduce the ability of conservation authorities to provide this service."

Tim Lanthier, Chief Administrative Officer for Grey Sauble Conservation Authority states, “The changes being proposed by the Province will effectively undo decades of thoughtful planning to keep our communities safe.” Further, Ontario’s ability to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change will be hampered by these changes that undermine the work of conservation authorities to keep development out of high flood risk areas and for protecting natural infrastructure such as wetlands. These actions directly contradict the Made in Ontario Environment Plan that promotes building resilience for the costs and impacts of Climate Change.

The GSCA media release states that the importance of safe and healthy communities, as well as access to nature for personal well-being has become extremely evident this year, which highlights the value that conservation authorities provide across Ontario. "If you value the work of conservation authorities to protect the environment and to protect our communities from the impacts of natural hazards, it is vital that you speak up now. Call your MPP, email your councilors, or go to GSCA's website to advocate for the removal of Schedule 6 from Bill 229,” said Lanthier.

At the Municipality of Grey Highlands Council meeting held on Wednesday, a motion brought forward by Councillor Cathy Little, expressing many concerns regarding changes to the Conservation Authorities Act and the Planning Act, was passed unanimously. Council's concerns will be forwarded to Ontario government officials including Grey-Bruce-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker and included many directives:

  • Removal of Schedule 6 from Bill 229
  • Delay enactment of clauses affecting municipal concerns
  • Provision of a longer transition period up to December 2022 for non-mandatory programs
  • Respect for the current Conservation Authority/Municipal relationships
  • Embrace their long-standing partnership with Conservation Authorities and provide them with the tools and financial resources they need to effectively implement their watershed management role.

Other Ontario Municipalities are expected to pass similar motions requesting a halt to changes to the Conservation Authorities Act.

For more information on these changes and to find out how to take action, visit:


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