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Public advised to stay well away from rivers and streams: SVCA

Above normal temperatures lead to rising waters


Above normal temperatures have resulted in some melting of the snowpack, and rainfall occurred over the Saugeen Watershed overnight. In response, watercourse levels have risen and river ice has shifted in most places. Much colder temperatures today will reduce runoff to area streams.

Water levels in some watercourses have peaked, while most of the others will do so later today. Significant flooding is not expected, but flooding in traditional low-lying flood plain areas is likely to occur.

For safety reasons, the public is advised to stay well away from rivers and streams. River banks can be wet and slippery.

Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority will continue to monitor Watershed river flow and weather conditions.

This message is in effect until 11:00 am Sunday, January 14 unless a further message is issued. 

The Saugeen Watershed encompasses the Lake Huron shoreline Saugeen Shores south to Huron-Kinloss, through Brockton, South Bruce, West Grey and includes northern sections of Monto and Wellington North. 

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