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Power outage affects most of our region

Snapped power pole in Essex

Winds wreaked havoc on power lines, snapping this hydro pole in Essex County. Photo: Hydro One


BY SOUTHGREY.CA STAFF — At approximately 5 pm on Wednesday, November 27, high winds gusting up to 95 km per hour caused a power outage to the entire South Grey News coverage area including most of Chatsworth, Grey Highlands, Southgate and West Grey.

The storm, which cut a path eastward across the province, affected a swath of communities, causing power outages to over 18,000 Hydro One customers. Crews were dispatched to many areas but were often hampered by high winds, poor weather conditions and unsafe roads. Hydro One pleaded for patience while they fixed problems in the system.

In South Grey, hydro was finally restored after several hours of darkness. Residents breathed a collective sigh of relief as outside temperatures reached near 0°C overnight.

While the Southern Ontario weather event deposited large amounts of rain to the region, parts of Northern Ontario such as Sudbury received up to 25 cm of snow during the same storm. Many northern Ontario roads were closed due to snowy and slippery conditions.

Instant Weather Ontario warns that another storm may be brewing for this Sunday and lasting into early next week. According to the popular weather alert Facebook page, widespread risk of prolonged freezing rain, ice pellets and freezing rain are all potential threats as temperatures dip below the freezing mark.

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