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The Osprey Snow Hawks give continuing support to Centre Grey Health Services Foundation

The Osprey Snow Hawks give continuing support to Centre Grey Health Services Foundation



In April, 2016 the Osprey Snow Hawks Snowmobile Club generously committed a $10,000 pledge to the Markdale Hospital. Fundraising Co-chair Paul Bonwick and Club Vice-President, John Gould visited the Markdale Hospital on November 5 where they presented the final installments of $3,333.00 to Darlene Lamberti, Foundation Coordinator of Centre Grey Health Services Foundation (CGHSF). “Support such as this is what makes healthcare possible in our community” said Lamberti.  “We are so grateful to the Snowhawks, not just for this pledge, but for all that they do in our community.”

The Osprey Snow Hawks are a recreational snowmobile club made up of a regional group of volunteers who maintain and develop snowmobile trails for the purpose of providing safe families access to this great Canadian winter recreational pastime.

The Club hosts has hosted an annual fundraising gala for the past five years. During that period the club has support many important organizations and initiatives throughout Grey Highlands including the Markdale Hospital, Feversham Park redevelopment, Osprey Arena and the Feversham Kinsmen Club.

"The health care professional servicing Grey Highlands at Markdale represents an essential service and corner post for the community of Grey Highlands. It is for this reason we are especially proud to extend this support our annual fundraiser," said Paul Bonwick Fundraiser Co-Chair.

John Gould, Vice-President of Clubs extended his thanks to the many volunteers and supporters that participate in our annual fundraiser. “Ours is an organization that is commitment to helping make Grey Highlands and better more sustainable community. It is for these reasons we continue to support the great services offered through our local hospital”.  

Foundation representative Darlene Lamberti stated the following, “It is through such partnerships with community groups like the Snowhawks that our hospital continues to provide quality health care close to home. The Markdale Hospital extends a huge thank you to the Snow Hawks and their many volunteers for their continued generosity and support”.

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