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December's Ontario Works cheques will not be mailed

December's Ontario Works cheques will not be mailed

Due to potential Canada Post mail disruptions and backlogs, Ontario Works benefit cheques for December will not be mailed. Grey County residents who receive Ontario Works benefits can pick up their cheque at the office where they regularly see their caseworker. Benefit statements for those who receive their payment by direct deposit will still be sent by mail as normal.

In a Grey County media release, this includes the following locations:

Durham Satellite Office – 575 Saddler Street West, Durham
Hanover Satellite Office – 286 10th Street, Hanover
Markdale Satellite Office – 206 Toronto Street South, Markdale
Meaford Satellite Office – Victoria Village Resource Centre, Unit 3, 80 Victoria Street, Meaford
County of Grey Administration Building – 595 9th Street East, Owen Sound

Staff will be available Thursday November 29th and Friday November 30th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Those who wish to confirm their location or who cannot get to their pick-up location should call 1-800-567-4739, press 1, and following the prompts to speak to their caseworker.

Recipients should be prepared to show photo ID when picking up their cheque. 

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