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New trees for West Grey thanks to Mclean's Home Hardware and Trees Canada

New trees for West Grey thanks to Mclean's Home Hardware and Trees Canada

Above, taking part in the tree planting at the Durham Commemorative Grove were, from left, West Grey Parks Committee member Bob Franklin, West Grey Councillor Doug Hutchinson, Teddy Franklin of the Parks Committee, Doug Mclean of Mcleans's Home Hardware, Parks Committee member and West Grey Works employee Steve Ayerhart, West Grey Councillor Rebecca Hergert and Tree Canada representative Celia Johnstone. Photo by Lynne Turner


Trees were planted in four West Grey locations - the Durham Commemorative Grove on Lambton Street East in Durham and at the community centres in Ayton, Neustadt and Elmwood on Thursday, September 27, thanks to Mclean's Home Hardware in Durham.

Home Hardware has partnered with Trees Canada to plant trees in each province and territory across Canada since 1972. The West Grey Parks Committee approached Doug Mclean of Mclean's Home Hardware and proposed he apply for the program. The Durham store was selected as one of 36 Home Hardware stores nationally for the 2018 National Tree Planting.

A large red oak and a large Freeman autumn blaze maple were planted at each of the locations to celebrate National Tree Day and "to foster a greener environment and help beautify ... the communities."

"By planting large trees, environmental benefits like improved air quality, increased oxygen production, bird habitats and enhanced scenery, are seen immediately," a press release said. 

Steve Ayerhart, a member of both the Parks Committee and West Grey Public Works, pre-planted the trees at each location with machinery donated by Don Tremble of Candue Homes. 

Ayerhart and other Parks Committee members, West Grey and Brockton Council representatives and Celia Johnstone of Tree Canada joined Doug Mclean at each location on Thursday.

Johnstone explained the trees are the type of trees that are "able to cope with stresses put on trees in urban environments." They were purchased from a nursery near Hepworth.

"They are going to do well here," she said.

To date, 25,792 mature trees have been planted across Canada as part of the Home Hardware program, "creating a lasting legacy for present and future generations."


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Updated March 12, 2020.

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Brenda Maes commented on 02-Oct-2018 09:13 AM5 out of 5 stars
Glad to see this event has taken place but not sure where the trees where planted in Ayton, please explain.
South Grey News commented on 02-Oct-2018 09:26 AM3 out of 5 stars
We didn't attend but the community centre so I guess the Centennial Hall.

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