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Two young girls almost struck by wrench after the object fell from passing truck in Ceylon

children holding large wrench

Luka and Marie Rupke hold the large wrench that narrowly missed hitting them as they were walking their dog near their home in Ceylon.


BY SOUTHGREY.CA STAFF — Luka and Marie Rupke were walking their small dog in the village of Ceylon recently and according to them, a large wrench flew off a passing truck and barely missed hitting them both.

Ceylon is a small village located on Hwy 4 in Grey Highlands. It's situated between two hills which block the view of the village and several driveways located just after the crest of the hill. Because of it's situation, increased truck traffic and speeders unable to see the village prior to reaching the crest, have made Ceylon a more dangerous place to live. The speed limit in Ceylon is posted at 60 km per hour while other towns and villages in Grey Highlands are 50 km per hour zones.

Norm Reid and Amanda Rupke, mother of the two girls mentioned above, carry some of the objects found beside the road in the village.


Norm Reid walks through Ceylon twice a day and picks up debris found on the road which falls off vehicles as they drive through. Some of the objects included a board from a trailer tailgate, rocks, metal objects and license plates. Reid has given away most of the found items to be recycled or reused. 

found object

A collection of objects that have fallen off cars and trucks travelling through Ceylon, found by Reid on his daily walks.


More objects which have fallen from vehicles found by the Rupke children in the village. 


a series of cracks in the pavement

A series of cracks and bumps in the pavement has contributed to the number of objects dislodged from vehicles. 


trucks dumping earth

Large trucks pass through the village to get to a nearby earth dumping site on Wilcox Lake Road, visible from Grey Road 4 in Ceylon. 


Recently, many other villages are currently experiencing drivers passing through their villages and not adhering to the posted speed limits. Complaints have also been received by the OPP in the nearby villages of Berkeley and Eugenia regarding speeding.

Ingrid Soans and Norman Reintamm at their home in Ceylon, are part of an informal group of concerned citizens.


"In September of 2017 a number of residents noticed that the speeds in Ceylon were steadily increasing," Reintamm explained. "The town was a relatively sleepy place. Still, being a residential zone, it was decided to try to address this. Our group decided to contact Deputy Mayor Halliday, and we received a very warm and positive response from him. There were a number of things that he suggested that could be done, ranging from creating a Community Safety Zone, to narrowing and repainting lines on the road, marking speeds on the road for entry into Ceylon, reducing the speed limit within the confines of Ceylon, and renewing the pedestrian crossing zone signs at the rail trail," he said.

In September 2017, the matter was referred to Transportation Services who made some recommendations. The traffic calming options available in this situation would be limited to the following:

  1. Paint white Edge-lines through Ceylon.
  2. Install Multi-Use Trail Crossing signage at the rail trail. (A new sign, WC-27, has been approved by the Transportation Association of Canada - which is not yet available
  3. Install School Bus Stop warning signs where required.
  4. Establish a Community Safety Zone which will increase speeding infraction fines.

After a period of time, an analysis of speeds from Transportation Services determined that the speed limit should remain at 60km/h in Ceylon.

At the time of writing this article the Community Safety Zone was established but none of the other recommended measures had been implemented in Ceylon.

The Ceylon group of citizens would like to see some the traffic calming options completed to provide a safe and healthy environment for the community's children to grow and prosper with a reduced speed limit to 50km per hour in their village.


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