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MRI initiative receives a boost

MRI initiative receives a boost

Left to right: Barry Tolton (CGGH Auxiliary Treasurer), Beth Kennedy (CGGH Auxiliary President), Betty Bassett, (CGGH Auxiliary Vice President and Centre Grey Health Services Foundation Vice Chair) and Lance Thurston, CEO and President of Grey Bruce Health Services.


Efforts to raise $4.7 Million dollars for a new MRI system in the Owen Sound Hospital received a healthy boost from the Centre Grey General Hospital Auxiliary who pledged $25,000 annually for the next 3 years for a total of $75,000. “This is such a generous gift. We truly are blessed to have this group of dedicated volunteers by our side” said Darlene Lamberti, CGHS Foundation Coordinator.

The MRI is currently used 11,000 times annually by people throughout Grey and Bruce Counties and is an integral part of our health care. This new MRI system will cut down on wait times, be accessible to larger build patients, provide quicker, more efficient and more advanced testing, as well as being an important tool in attracting new and qualified health care workers to the area. Although the government will pay for the operation of the MRI, the cost of the equipment and its installation is borne by the community.

When thanked for this generous donation. Barry Tolton, Auxiliary Treasurer said “well, we need this machine”. Barry could not have been more accurate or to the point.

If you are interested in donating to the MRI initiative, please contact the Centre Grey Health Services Foundation at or go to

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