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LISTEN HERE!: South Grey Museum presented five local authors telling slice-of-life tales

South Grey Museum presented five local authors telling slice-of-life tales

By SOUTHGREY.CA STAFF — On Saturday, August 10, five local authors entertained a crowd gathered at [Re]Imagine, a temporary meeting place at 10 Main St. in Markdale.

LISTEN HERE! brought together Sheila Balls, Geoff Bowes, Lynn Wyville, Cathy Hird and Sharon Sinclair, whose stories brought both humour and comradery to everyone in attendance.

Sheila Balls began the afternoon with anecdotes from her books Somebody Move the Cat! and Our Side of the Fence striking chords of recognition from the audience about growing up and living in a small rural community. Her writing is full with universal experiences, told from a humorous yet truthful perspective.

Geoff Bowes continued to tickle the crowd with his own foibles and follies in a reading from his Open Up the Wall exposé on contractual renovation. Bowes alternated self-deprecation with self-realization as he retold the story of his first somewhat successful home improvement project.

Lynn Wyville recanted more childhood memories, stirring nostalgic feelings with her poetry. She gave provenance to an old school desk sitting in storage as she contemplated a future place for it in her home.

Cathy Hird, whose books Between Our Steps: Reflections on a Spiritual Journey and Fractured: When Shadows Arise explore nature and the inter-connectedness of life, continued the storytelling themes that ran throughout the event. In her readings, she connected meaning and purpose to the often mundane world in which we live.

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Zena Curwain commented on 20-Aug-2019 04:58 AM3 out of 5 stars
Thank you for reporting on this event. We are fortunate to have so many talented writers in our midst. Would you kindly edit the text re spelling errors: humerous and self-deprication.
Barbara commented on 20-Aug-2019 10:25 AM3 out of 5 stars
Thank you for your comments. We've made the corrections.

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