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Life Directions connects job seekers and those living with disabilities

Life Directions aims to connect employers with job seekers living with disabilities

The goal of South-East Grey Support Services’ (SEGSS) Life Directions program is to link rural labour needs with motivated, reliable and dependable job seekers living with disabilities.

Cristin O’Sullivan, Life Directions Employment Coordinator with SEGSS, said that not only are they there to support employers who may be looking to hire but also to attract job seekers.

“What we’re providing is diverse and inclusive work places, supporting both employer and job seeker,” said O’Sullivan, adding that there are many aspects to Life Directions.

The program that carries the motto "Transforming your (dis)Abilities into Employment Goals" is federally funded with an objective to endorse economic value of diverse communities in collaboration with community partners and is built on the understanding that employment stability depends on a person’s whole and healthy self. 

In a 2016 report, the Four County Labour Market Planning Board, consisting of Bruce, Grey, Huron and Perth counties and functioning through the Government of Ontario’s Workforce Planning initiative, persons living with disabilities were highlighted as the top self-identified group looking for employment.

Using three key steps and following Ontario’s Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities, SEGSS’ Life Directions program works with transitional youth and adults with barriers, engaging businesses, integrating flexible training systems and modelling trailblazing attitudes and inclusive policies for people living with disabilities.

First, coordination will provide a single point of access to local businesses seeking to increase equal opportunity awareness that results in a higher number of people with disabilities employed. 

Second, the program serves youth and under serviced adults with disabilities that require assistance to prepare for, obtain and keep employment or self-employment. Job seekers enhance their skills development, labour marker readiness and economic sustainability. 

Third, families experiencing socioeconomic crises from lingering service gaps for members living with disabilities and complex needs will receive significant assistance. The employment program reinforces mental health improvement and daily planning for transitional aged youth, young people, and underserviced adults living with disabilities.

For more information contact Cristin O’Sullivan at 519-378-5514 or by email at

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