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Letter to the Editor: Thank You

Letter to the Editor: Thank You


On behalf of the Board of Directors and residents of Abbeyfield Durham, we want to say a big thank you, dear Fred Lexk. Thank you for all the years of work you put on the Board of Directors of Abbeyfield Houses Society of Durham. 

Thank you for moving into Abbeyfield and taking the job as night time house parent and all you put into this job. Thank you for all the little things you did around Abbeyfield, seen and unseen. 

Thank you for the meals made, floors cleaned, doors opened for BnB guests, night time calls answered when a resident has been in need, flower beds cared for, flag pole and flag raising, snow removal, garbage take out, recycling dealt with, helping houseparents with clean up, filling in when needed, gardening both vegetable when there was one here and also the flower beds, counting ducks and collecting ducks for the rubber ducky races, selling of duck tickets, etc., etc.

Thank you for helping with the residents and their needs, dealing with open houses, getting the mail, taking shopping bins into the L&M when groceries were to be purchased, getting odds and ends from the hardware store when needed, for the vegetables, rhubarb, etc. you supplied to Abbeyfield when you were still living in your home. 

There has been so many things that I have possibly missed as I am sure the list goes on and on. 

So Fred, from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you very much for all you have done and given to residents and board members at Abbeyfield Houses Society of Durham. We are so thankful for all you have done in the past, present and future. 

Congratulations once again on your well deserved retirement.

Residents and Board of Directors,
Abbeyfield Houses Society of Durham

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Abbeyfield Durham commented on 28-Mar-2018 07:28 PM5 out of 5 stars
Thank you so much for posting this letter :-)
Anonymous commented on 29-Mar-2018 08:55 PM5 out of 5 stars
Congratulations Dad.

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