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Letter to the editor: Let's make climate action one of the top 10 stories of 2020

Letter to the editor: Let's make climate action one of the top 10 stories of 2020

Dear Editor,

I've just finished reading the ten top stories for 2019, chosen by South Grey News from its archives. I'm heartened by the number of stories centred on the community coming together in times of need and crisis. As your editorial introduction said:

"We like to focus on the positives... Time and time again, our communities show us what they are made of. We should take that positive message into the new year and count ourselves lucky to have others we can rely on in southern Grey County."

I noticed that none of the ten top stories focused on one of the most promising movements across South Grey in the past year - the mobilization by municipalities and civic groups to take action on climate change. The municipalities of West Grey and Grey Highlands both declared climate emergencies or crises, and both took steps to create local committees to advise them on climate action. A Green New Deal public meeting in Flesherton attracted almost 100 participants and led to the creation of a vibrant Grey Highlands Climate Action Group. Enthusiastic rallies in support of student-led Friday climate strikes were held in both Markdale and Flesherton. Activists in West Grey and Chatsworth continued to raise their voices in public in support of climate action, and South Grey folks took leading roles in climate action groups that focus on all of Grey and Bruce Counties.

I don't fault South Grey News for not including a climate activism story in its top ten for 2019. The past year has witnessed the creation of the infrastructure for climate action in South Grey, so the bulk of the action-oriented stories are still to come. And South Grey News deserves congratulations for opening its pages to climate action stories, and for taking its own climate action by donating funds for tree-planting in recognition of those who put classified ads or event listings on the South Grey News Green Pages.

Great things will happen in terms of climate action in South Grey in 2020 - let's see how far up the South Grey News Top Ten list we can get climate action a year from now.

John Butler,
Port Law (Grey Highlands)


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South Grey News does not have the resources of a big corporation. We are a small, locally owned-and-operated organization. Research, analysis and physical attendance at public meetings and community events requires considerable effort. But contributions from readers and advertisers, however big or small, go a long way to helping us deliver positive, open and honest journalism for this community.

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Updated March 12, 2020.

Your comments

Julie - The Bicycle Café commented on 04-Jan-2020 10:06 AM5 out of 5 stars
Thank you John for bringing this issue to the forefront - we are indeed an engaged and active group and welcoming of anyone who wishes to join in our collective efforts to insist on change. Julie Reitzel
Bev Falco commented on 04-Jan-2020 02:23 PM3 out of 5 stars
I'm very much looking forward to more and more residents rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in the solutions! Also looking forward to all councils supporting these efforts every step of the way. Our sustainability committee in West Grey is just beginning to take some progressive steps to both mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. Let's do it!!
Joyce Hall commented on 04-Jan-2020 03:21 PM3 out of 5 stars
John Butler could not be more right. The two municipalities which have declared climate crises and emergency are going to make the news in 2020 as the implications of their declarations unroll. The newly formed Grey Highland Climate Action Group will also be making news as it grows and builds initiatives on issues such as food/waste reduction, recycling, land use, composting and water quality, by forming alliances with local government, business, resident groups and farmers to move towards a net zero community.

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