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Letter to the Editor: Let us make Christmas simple this year!

Christmas decorations

LETTER TO THE EDITOR — With the latest crop of snow, it starts to make you think of Christmas. Well, here we are just a week away from Christmas trying to refigure how we will celebrate Christmas in a pandemic. What a 'total 360' we all have had to do to deal with everything, day in and day out.

When we think back of Christmas past, we all have many memories of even in simple, difficult and hard times that we made the best of it.  We have become so used to traveling and thinking nothing of hopping into the car to just go for a drive and dropping in on anyone without any notice. Perhaps staying for a cup of tea or coffee with hopes of a treat of homemade cookies and possibly a piece of homemade Christmas cake.

Spending an afternoon with family and friends playing cards, knitting, telling of stories of things we did as a child and never got caught. Funny thing though, grandpa and grandma always seem to know, but did not tell dad or mom.

We would go shopping and stop in to visit with someone we have not seen in years, thus being longer than you expected and getting home late to make supper. But for the Christmas of 2020, all these things seem so long ago. Many have been worrying how the family can come home to mom and dad wanting to spend time with the grandchildren.

What can we do? Well, for starters we need to take a big breath and then make simple plans as we are not able to gather, drop in for surprise visits, gather for Christmas parties, have our annual Christmas  concert, gather for worship to celebrate the Advent season (a time of wonder and surreal atmosphere) or gather in church on Christmas Eve for one of the most important celebrations of the church year (a time when everybody went to church as for some this was their time to make their annual appearance).

While we are doing worship services via the internet, it seems so different not being with each other in the same room, enjoying the time of fellowship before the service or enjoying a fresh cup of coffee in our Christmas cups, hearing of everyone’s plans, who all are coming home to be with family, what we all are planning to eat and with whom. But this is all not happening this year.

We all just need to make the best of everything. We are so lucky to be able to be in our own home, able to call a friend or neighbor, get outside to breath in the fresh air, and these days seeing the sun shining with the cold air crystals in the air dancing across the snow and trying to make the best of everything that we can for ourselves do at this time. We might have to do things like our grandchildren do when playing teatime, including the cat, dog, a stuffed animal or even the local wildlife outside our window.

We need to take a moment and visualize of what Christmas truly is and know that we are ALL in this together. This year, let us go back to the basics. We can all do our part to include someone we know and love by connecting to them in a variety of ways that are available — picking up the telephone, sending an email, snap chat, even something called FaceTime, are all ways to connect with others.

For many years, one way to connect was sending out Christmas cards to everyone. It always was a conversation starter of how many cards came each day in the mail and of the letter inside that everyone had to read. This form of communication went over well and is very much enjoyed by all. Let us do this again this year, letting those around us know that they all have a special part in our lives even when we cannot meet this year.

There will be other years to gather when it is much safer. If we do our part of all that is asked of each one of us, we can all receive some inner peace and look forward to being together one again. It might be different, but we will be doing these changes together. This year do not lick your letter envelopes, use tape just to prevent any spread to others handling the mail that we all appreciate getting, just like the old days when waiting at the mailbox for the mailman was a big part of our day.

Let us all be safe and be incredibly careful when out of the safety of our homes.

  • Wear a mask!!!
  • Ensure you are Social Distancing!!!
  • Wash your hands and use sanitizer on anything you touch (even your debit/credit card, always sanitize it whenever used as COVID-19 can last on any surface for a long time).
  • Be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Let us all be mindful of each other and pray for us to get through this pandemic alive and well.

I am so excited to have our first Christmas Eve Service on the internet using Zoom. It will be different, but not having to shovel snow or drive in the nasty winter weather we get here in Grey County, it will be nice to even have a drink at home while watching this most special event of our church year.

Remember, your financial givings/collection that would usually be collected on the plate during service, can be sent by mail or this year, by e-transfer.

Check out our YouTube Channel: Dundalk & Highland United Church Worship Services and list the date you are looking for. 

The congregations of Dundalk & Highland United Churches wish their community a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to 2020.

Submitted By
Sharon Wickens


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