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In Grey Highlands This Week podcast discusses ghosts and the paranormal

In Grey Highlands This Week podcast

Stewart Halliday and Barbara Pearn prepare for their podcast conversation in the Leaking Ambience Studio.


BY SOUTHGREY.CA STAFF — Recently, South Grey News visited Leaking Ambience Studio for a close-up look at their new recording facility and the In Grey Highlands This Week podcast. Owner and production-pro-slash-guru, Tim Reilly took us on a tour of the small but efficient second-story space above Speaking Volumes Books and Audio on Toronto Road in Flesherton.

The tiny collection of rooms includes a recording studio, editing bay, green room and modest kitchen, outfitted with quality production equipment, sound-friendly carpets, wood panelling and a indiscreet bottle of whisky, presumably used to coax the best performances out of the voice talent at hand.

A growing local business, Leaking Ambience has been the post-production locale for Geoff Bowes' successful Open up the Wall audio book, as well as the audition video space for a few local actors and entertainers. Local authors have also used the facility to record written works such as Reilly's own project Grey Highlands Tales which tells a series of stories taken from the Grey with a Silver Lining commemorative book, published to help mark Canada's 150th birthday in 2017. But it's In Grey Highlands This Week and the content of today's episode, which is top-of-mind on this rehearsal day, Monday October 28.

Stewart Halliday, Paul McQueen and Kate Russell

Stewart Halliday, Grey Highlands Mayor Paul McQueen and producer Kate Russell hash out content for an In Grey Highlands This Week podcast.


For the past twelve weeks, hosts Stewart Halliday and Paul McQueen have touched on various topics, publishing biweekly episodes of over-the-fence discussions on everything from housing to food security in Grey Highlands. With the infusion of a few invited guests and off-site interviews, the two political junkies and their cohorts provide an entertaining mix of insight and humour with a side-order of whimsy.

"The Grey Highlands Chamber of Commerce provided seed money to pay for the first two episodes," said Tim Reilly. Now into their sixth episode, he explained, "the podcast is continuing while we look for alternate funding." The show's executive producer is Kate Russell. Original theme music was provided by Alois Halliday.

In this week's episode, recorded just a few days before Hallowe'en, Halliday spoke on-microphone with Barbara Pearn of South Grey News on the topic of Grey Highlands ghost stories. The two Eugenia residents recounted a few spooky anecdotal accounts of paranormal activity in the area. Perhaps the most well-known and truly sinister yarn involves the experience of two young girls who felt the grip of a disembodied hand pulling them toward the falls in Eugenia as darkness fell across the river where they were standing. Was it the ghost of an indigenous woman who, as legend has it, was thrown from the edge centuries before? Or was it her attacker, visiting from the beyond to claim yet another victim?

Tim Reilly in Leaking Ambience Studio editing bay 

Tim Reilly manages production during the In Grey Highlands This Week podcast.  


Barbara related other ghostly occurrences and Stewart unearthed some of his own research and experiences to fill out the subject. Tune in to hear these eerie stories on In Grey Highlands This Week which drops Thursday, October 31. Ooooh! Scary!

What's next for the little recording facility? According to Tim Reilly, it's a historical series entitled There's something I've been meaning to tell you. The future podcast will feature stories from local historical archives and will begin to be released sometime at the end of November.

Have you experienced any paranormal activity yourself? Send us your creepy stories and we might publish your own accounts this Hallowe'en. You can send your story to us using the comments field of the form below this article. In this case, ignore the warning 'your comments won't be posted without your real name.' We promise to not publish your name, or the names of those involved.


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