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Everything you need to know to survive an apocalypse comes to Southgate Ruth Hargrave Memorial Library this fall

How to survive an apocalypse

BY SOUTHGREY.CA STAFF – So, you are just hanging out, minding your own business listening to kpop while maintaining an epic Snapchat streak, when all of a sudden, society as-we-know-it comes to an end. (Ya, I hate it when that happens!) What should you do?

Well, Southgate Ruth Hargrave Memorial Library has the answer! Sign up for Apocalypse Survival for Teens, an interactive series of programs this fall that will teach you how to survive under the most inconvenient end-of-world circumstances. A partnership presentation by the Southgate Public Library and Dundalk Recreation Centre, the series promises to be something fun and different for all who attend.

Morgan on The Walking Dead 

Photo: The Walking Dead,

Stick fighting, also known as the martial art of Aikido was recently made popular in the comic book series and TV show, The Walking Dead. Begin your training just like Morgan Jones did, learning basic moves to fend of zombies and apocalyptic ne'er-do-wells in an introductory class on September 17.

girl hiking in the woods 

On September 24, learn how to identify, gather and consume wild edibles. While berries are the most popular of nature's delicacies, tubers, leaves, flowers and the stems of many plants can keep you sustained for a long time. That is, until you come across an abandoned but miraculously fully-stocked post-apocalypse Mickey-Dee's (good luck with that one).

Alone on History Channel 

Photo: Alone, History Channel

Outdoor survival skills and shelter-building are taught on October 3. Following this lesson, students will not be dropped off in a remote and resource-scarce wilderness location to fend for themselves. However, they will learn and practice some things that might help them in a future application to The History Channel's reality series Alone, where contestants live for as long as they can without modern comforts, enduring extreme isolation and psychological distress along the way. Fun? Wow!

Survivalist campfire 

The last session on your journey to becoming the next Bear Grylls will happen on October 10 and is all about fire and water. Specifically, the skills of starting a fire, as well as finding and gathering water will be explored and practiced.

Interested teen survivalist-wannabes aged 12-18 can register for these programs free of charge by contacting the Southgate Ruth Hargrave Memorial Library at 519-923-3248. Availability is unlimited in each of these sessions with the exception of Stick Fighting on September 17 which has a maximum capacity of 10 participants. Students will meet at 5pm at the library on each of these dates but will move to other locations during each session.

The library is located at 80 Proton St. in Dundalk.

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