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Hospital foundations raising money for new MRI in Owen Sound

Hospital foundations raising money for new MRI in Owen Sound

Left to Right:  Evelyne Jack, Bruce Inglis, Dayle Inglis, Gerry McNalty (CGHSF Director), Phyllis Seeley


Five local hospital foundations – Centre Grey Health Services, Owen Sound Regional, Saugeen Memorial, Meaford, and Bruce Peninsula have embarked on a $4.7 Million campaign to purchase a new, faster, more efficient MRI machine to replace the Owen Sound hospital’s 14-year-old scanner. The staff have done a great job at extending the life of the current MRI, but it is now at the point where it is difficult to get service, and difficult to find replacement parts. The MRI is used approximately 11,000 times per year and is the only MRI in Grey Bruce.

The new MRI will be faster, have a more spacious table and tunnel, feature 3-D imaging, new software for cardiac and prostate imaging and enhanced breast imaging for biopsy and detection.  It will provide better-quality images and be more energy efficient, quiet and accurate.

MRI machines have diagnostic capabilities for cancer, early detection of ALS and forms of dementia, stroke, coronary issues and monitoring aneurysms, diabetics and patients with blood vessel problems.

The MRI is an essential part of peoples’ health care services at GBHS and it’s essential to recruitment of new physicians to the area.

Centre Grey Health Services Foundation (CGHSF) was pleased to initiate their campaign with this $10,000 donation from The Erskine Presbyterian Church. “This generous donation sets us off to such an amazing start. I cannot thank them enough.” said Darlene Lamberti, CGHSF Foundation Coordinator. “Having an MRI locally saves us from having to travel to Guelph, Toronto, Barrie or London for testing” explains Gerry McNalty, CGHSF Director. “I am pleased that the Erskine Board understands the need to stand behind this project so we can continue to provide our community with the best medical imaging – close to home. The Foundation is so grateful to the Erskine Presbyterian Committee and congregation” states McNalty.

Donations can be made to Centre Grey Health Services Foundation at the Markdale Hospital, or online at

The MRI initiative is also running a Catch The Ace lottery which currently has a jackpot of almost $10,000 and growing daily! Tickets can be purchased at the Hospital coffee kiosk, the Foundation office, or from CGHSF Board members.

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