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Holstein Maplefest celebrates 25 years

Holstein Maplefest celebrates 25 years


The Egremont Optimist Club is planning big things for the 25th annual Holstein Maplefest this April. Events will span an entire week, beginning with a mouthwatering meal of ribs, sides and maple desserts at the Rib Night and Magical Burn set to kick things off on Saturday, April 6. Dinner starts at 5pm at the Optimist Centre on Grey Road 109 in Holstein with the burn at 8pm.

maplefest magical burn

A new maple leaf sculpture will be unveiled for the 25th anniversary of Maplefest at the Magical Burn, April 6. Photo: Holstein Maplefest.


A Seniors Luncheon and Talent Show are scheduled for Thursday, April 11with the popular Weekend Craft Show and Sale happening on Saturday and Sunday, April 13 and 14, also at the Optimist Centre.

At Love's Sugar Bush, a variety of activities will keep the whole family content April 13 and 14. Bird feeder building, log sawing and branding, woodcarving, blacksmith demos, candle making, maple taffy, ice cream and butter making, sheep shearing and drop spindle spinning are many of the things to make your Maplefest experience complete. Here you can also enjoy the famous Maplefest all-day breakfast of pancakes, sausages, beans, maple syrup and coffee, tea or juice.

pancakes and syrup 

What would Maplefest be without an all-day breakfast of pancakes and syrup? Photo: Holstein Maplefest.


Visitors will be delighted with entertainment in the big tent including Mighty Mike who, dressed in a 1920s style bathing suit, will toss around bowling balls and sledgehammers as if it were nothing at all. Spectators will be amazed as he drives nails through boards with his hand, bends horseshoes, and tears full packs of cards before their very eyes. Show times are 10am, noon and 2pm on Saturday.

mighty mike 

Mighty Mike poses in his signature 1920s bathing suit. Photo: Holstein Maplefest.


Between feats of strength, watch the acrobatic tricks and stunts of Four Paws Flying Entertainment as they work their way through an action-packed show 11am and 1pm on Saturday and 11:30am and 1:30pm on Sunday.

Sunday's lineup will be enhanced with an exciting show of magic for the whole family as The Amazing Addison takes the stage at 10:30am and 12:30pm.

For a full schedule of events visit:

Old Time Maplefest Rib Night and Magical Burn

Maplefest Seniors Luncheon

Maplefest Junior Optimist Family Talent Show

25th Annual Holstein Maplefest

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