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2. Hockey hero celebrated; Top 10 of 2018

Hockey hero celebrated


The number 2 spot in our Top 10 of 2018 marks NHL's Chris Neil's return to his hometown of Flesherton.

Ottawa Senators hockey hero Chris Neil announced his retirement from the NHL late in 2017. The move sparked discussions among his friends and former colleagues to bring him back to his hometown of Flesherton so that he could be celebrated for the completion of a very successful hockey career.

Flesherton Minor Hockey President Rob Reed and local author and former educational planner, teacher, church board elder and Sunday school superintendent Ron Pegg helped pull together the event on Saturday, June 23 held at the Flesherton & District Arena.

While in town, Neil unveiled a sign signifying the Flesherton Arena as the undisputed home of Chris Neil, met fans, signed autographs and helped to sell copies of Ron Pegg's newly launched biography of the famous forward #25.

Other events included a barbecue dinner and outdoor church service with proceeds raised from the event going to Rogers House, a palliative care facility in Ottawa, named after former NHL coach Roger Neilson.

Chris was extremely generous with his time and he and his wife Caitlin and family appreciated the love given to them from Neil's loyal hometown fans.

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