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Fire ban issued for Grey Highlands

Fire ban issued for Grey Highlands


July 23 Update: As of July 23, the fire ban for Grey Highlands has been lifted.

A fire ban has been issued for the Municipality of Grey Highlands effective Tuesday, July 10 until further notice. In a Grey Highlands media release, extremely dry conditions exist within the municipality with no measurable rain forecasted.

The Municipality of Grey Highlands will permit small camp fires contained in a pit or tire rim or other device which is designated to burn fire wood for cooking and warmth and does not exceed 61 cm (24 inches) in diameter, provided that all reasonable precautions are taken and a reasonable method of extinguishment shall be provided at all times. Other conditions apply and can be found on the Open Air Burning Brochure available at

Fire permits for open air burning and burn barrels are suspended until further notice.

Anyone who fails to follow these requirements for small camp fires or found to be in violation of this burn ban could be charged under the FPPA, fined or the fire department response costs could be charged to the property owner. If in doubt, please contact the local fire department for more information.

The Chief Fire Official or his or her designate, should weather conditions or circumstances require such action, may issue a total fire ban, cancel all permits and no person shall set a fire or allow a fire to burn.

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