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A beautiful day for the Durham Herb Fair

durham herb fair booth

Ron Hale and Chris Davis (in the plaid shirt), both from Silent Valley, start plants as a hobby and on Saturday, had heirloom tomatoes, herbs, flowers and vegetables for sale at the Durham Herb Fair. Photo by Lynne Turner


FOR SOUTHGREY.CA BY LYNNE TURNER — The Durham Herb Fair, hosted by the Durham and District Horticultural Society on Saturday, June 8, was a resounding success on a beautiful sunny day. About 40 vendors were in attendance selling everything from herbs and other plants to crafts and whirligigs.


Durham Fall Fair Ambassadors in wind garden

Durham Fall Fair Senior Ambassador Ally Spielmacher and Junior Ambassador Faith McCarroll were at the Durham Herb Fair on Saturday and posed for a photo with the large array of whirligigs offered for sale by Laura Brown of Chesley. Brown calls her business "Wind Garden". Photo by Lynne Turner


patrons at durham herb fair

Cory Eichman and Tanya Coulter of the Saugeen River CSA, located on Highway 6 north of Durham, were doing a booming business at the herb fair selling, among other things, pickling cucumbers and tomatoes. Photo by Lynne Turner


patrons at durham herb fair

Jacqueline Downie of Swinton Park has a close look at the plants offered for sale by Paul Wartman and Ilana Vanderweit of Farm Floreren. Floreren is a Dutch word that means to grow or evolve under favourable circumstances; to flourish, to bloom. Farm Floreren is a small ecological, medicinal herb farm in Grey County, founded in 2018 by the couple.  Photo by Lynne Turner


tomatoes and hot peppers with vendor and customer

Brian Robbin of Grange Hollow Gardens and Nursery, near Chatworth, chats with Ron Bishop at Saturday's herb fair. Bishop lives in Durham and purchased tomato plants and Trinidad scorpion peppers to plant in his garden. Trinidad scorpion peppers on among the hottest peppers in the world. Photo by Lynne Turner


pies and deserts at durham herb fair

Those attending the Durham Herb Fair were welcome to take a break and enjoy a baked good  in the Olde Town Hall. Mary Ralph, right, and Debbie Paige, not pictured, had slices of pie, pieces of cake and other goodies for sale. Real Desaulniers and his wife, April, enjoyed a piece of cake. Photo by Lynne Turner


six year old child picks our some herbs and soap

Clutching the plants she had purchased at the herb fair, six-year-old Elizabeth Moore of Chatsworth picks out a bar of herbal soap from one of the vendors at the Durham Herb Fair. She attended the event with her grandmother, Liz McConachie. Photo by Lynne Turner

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