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Durham Herb Fair attracts hundreds from far and wide

Durham Herb Fair attracts hundreds from far and wide


Above, the annual Durham Herb Fair attracted huge crowds. The vendor in the foreground is Grange Hollow Gardens from the Chatsworth area. Photo by Lynne Turner


The 40th annual Durham Herb Fair attracted hundreds of people from far and wide to the small town on Saturday, June 9. 

Over 40 vendors, also from far and wide, set up at the Durham Town Hall and Park for the event which was sponsored by the Durham and District Horticultural Society. Maple and birch syrups, honey, lavender, hemp and alpaca products, garlic, trout, wood and metal products, annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees and vegetable plants, homemade soaps, pottery, home sewing, candles, essential oils, cards and crafts, garden and home décor – there was something for everyone. 

There were master gardeners on hand to answer questions from attendees, although the many and varied growers from nurseries, garden centres, Community Support Agricultural groups and rural gardens were all experts in their own right. 

Roger Williamson of Durham, a professional freelance musician and teacher, provided musical entertainment throughout the day along with some of his music students.

durham herb fair

Randy Dryburgh of the Cedarville area has a close-up look at some plants offered for sale. Photo by Lynne Turner

durham herb fair

Shirley Maksymuk of The Lavender Cauldron in Kitchener was among the vendors. Photo by Lynne Turner

durham herb fair

On the left, it was Sherry and Anne-Marie High’s second annual visit to the Durham Herb Fair. They brought a big box for their purchases this year; next year they plant to bring a wagon. The women are from Cambridge. On the right, providing music was Roger Williamson, right, and some of his music students including Sebastian Jagelewski of Southampton. Photos by Lynne Turner

durham herb fair

Karen Mengers, who raises alpacas outside of Hanover, brought some of the animals to the herb fair in addition to numerous alpaca products. Photo by Lynne Turner

durham herb fair

The Durham and District Horticultural Society proudly sponsors the Durham Herb Fair. In its booth are Christine Robinson and her husband Scott. Photo by Lynne Turner

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