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Dundalk Little Theatre to perform Alone Together Again

Dundalk Little Theatre to perform Alone Together Again


UPDATE: Alone Together Again, originally scheduled in April, has been rescheduled to November 23-25 and will be performed at the United Church in Dundalk.


Described as funny, delightfully wise and witty, Alone Together hit the Broadway stage in 1984. It was written by screenwriter and playwright Lawrence Roman, who also authored many other plays and film adaptations including Under the Yum Yum Tree, another Broadway production which became a popular movie in 1963.

Roman’s career spanned seven decades. Alone Together marked his triumphant return to Broadway following numerous movie successes that filled his 24-year absence from live theatre.

Despite being written over 30 years ago, its theme of prolonged parenthood is even more relevant today than ever before. According to Statistics Canada, more than one in three Canadians aged 20 to 34 now live with their parents due to the high cost of living on their own.

In the play, now titled Alone Together Again, middle aged couple Helen and George are beginning to enjoy their empty nest, a time they had been looking forward to after 30 years of child rearing. But all three of their sons return home after experiencing some hard lessons in the real world. It takes considerable effort to push them out again.

But the peace and privacy they were hoping for does not come easily, nor does it last for very long. The all to brief empty nest fills up again by the sudden, unexpected arrival of their parents, each with problems of their own dumped on the poor, unwitting couple. Helen and George scheme their way to once again empty the nest so that they can be "alone together again."

The play follows the tradition of those wonderful Broadway comedies of the '50s and '60s. It is a hilarious look at the relationships and interplay we have with our children and our parents.

Alone Together Again is the next production to grace the stage of Dundalk Little Theatre (DLT). It features the acting talents of Ted Acheson, Bonnie Mainprize, Judy Wickens, Lori Stringer and Don Black and promises to be another entertaining presentation by the theatre group. It will be DLT’s 47th production, its first performance of 2018, and will take place at the Dundalk United Church. Bonnie Black is the producer and Peter Richards will direct.

The Dundalk United Church is a beautiful building which boasts wonderful acoustics and seating for approximately 200 people. The play will be performed at 8 pm on Friday and Saturday, November 23 and 24 with a matinee performance at 2 pm on Sunday, November 25.

Tickets are $15 each and are available in Dundalk at Dundalk Village Pharmacy and Dundalk Credit Union. Tickets are also available in Eugenia at the Grist Mill Winery or by phone at 519-923-2471.

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