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Dundalk Little Theatre taps a memorable performance in "Stepping Out"

Dundalk Little Theatre taps a memorable performance in


The "Stepping Out" cast from left to right: Brenda Stewart, Lori Stringer, Jessica Walker, Pam MacInnis, Ted Acheson, Kim Peeters, Judy Wickens, Cindy Blakey, Bonnie Mainprize.



Stepping Out, an ambitious comedy set in a London dance studio ended it’s three day run in Dundalk this weekend. It was another enjoyable production of the Dundalk Little Theatre (DLT), now at the end of it’s 21st successful year.

Each quirky character was brought to life by the ensemble cast, who performed three shows in the Dundalk United Church Friday through Saturday, November 3-5.

In the Richard Harris play, seven clumsy women and one equally ungainly man tried their best to follow the directions of their instructor, with hilariously poor results.

Kim Peeters with Jo Hubbard and the crew of Stepping Out 

Pictured above left: Cast members at the piano are Jo Hubbard with Kim Peeters looking on; Pictured above right: Crew members in back row left to right is Gary Stringer, Jo Hubbard and Chris Wright, in front row is Bonnie Black, Frances Acheson and Debbie Wright.

A longtime member of the Dundalk Little Theatre (DLT), Kim Peeters took on the role of Mavis, a former Broadway dancer who tries to teach a weekly tap class to the uncoordinated group.

In between the many mangled dance moves, members of the troupe exposed glimpses into their often troubled lives. But each one applied their own sense of devotion to their weekly dance instruction, overcoming personality clashes and conflicts along the way.

Stepping Out cast on stage  

Pictured above: Vera shows off her flashy new outfit to the other dancers.


Lynne, a sensitive Registered Nurse who showed some modest dancing ability was played by Cindy Blakey, while Dorothy, a naive and overly enthusiastic housewife with an allergy problem was enacted by Lori Stringer.

Maxine, aka Brenda Stewart, was a wild animal-print-loving stepmom with an incorrigible husband, affectionately named “Wonder Boy.” and Jessica Walker played Andy, a shy housewife whose humorous insecurities were driven by an abusive situation at home.

Judy Wickens gave life to Sylvia, a loud-mouthed friend of Rose, played by Bonnie Mainprize, whose teenage son had a penchant for getting into trouble. Vera, a wealthy but inadvertently overbearing woman, was performed by Pam McInnis.

The only man in the group, a shy widower named Geoffrey was the work of Ted Acheson. Often singled out for his gender difference, no moment explained this awkward dynamic better than when Mavis posed a rhetorical question to the ladies, “Do you know what the three Ts are?” With hardly a pause, she answered herself, “Teeth, taps and tits.” to which Rose replied, “You only got two Ts, right Geoffrey?”

Often hidden behind her piano, many of the evening’s best lines were delivered by Jo Hubbard who portrayed Mrs. Fraser, the rehearsal pianist with an attitude. "Hats and sticks? You're asking for trouble," she said as Mavis revealed the props to be used in the group's big charity performance. During the second act, the dour woman was dismissed while the dancers practice to a tape. Feeling unnecessary and under-appreciated, she returned unabashedly drunk, hilariously slurring her words in the process.

The play was capped off with a fun-filled dance finale where the players displayed their newly-learned moves indicating the successful completion of the group’s weekly tap instructions. 

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