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1. Benefit for Dundalk family; Top 10 of 2018


"We love you all !!!!! We love Dundalk!!!! We love Grey County!!!!!" Kasia Wachsmann proclaimed on Facebook shortly after a benefit dance was held at the Dundalk Legion on November 3. "Moving to a small town, I was unsure but... when people started arriving Saturday to help my family, I knew right that second I wouldn't change my choice," she added.


Kasia Wachsmann and Mike Chaytor moved to Dundalk in March of 2018. They have two small girls, age 4 and 2. The oldest girl, Guilia has Atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS), an extremely rare, life threatening, progressive disease. Guilia was undergoing treatments at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto four days per week for six hours at a time. Her mother took her to the hospital for these visits.

Mike Chaytor was operating a landscaping business, and was the only one working to support his family. That all changed this past May when he was in a serious car accident which left him hospitalized up until a month ago. He is undergoing physiotherapy and has been unable to return to work. 

The Legion donated the facility for the benefit with well over 60 other donations at the time. The day's events also included a kids' party safari including a reptile show and pizza.

One of the saddest but most heart-warming stories of the year, the tale of this family's hard times and community support garnered over 15,000 visits to the South Grey News website in September.

To revisit the story, click on this link:

A call for help for a Dundalk family

The family continues to raise funds for their daughter's treatments. To donate, visit the Go Fund Me page.

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