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Breathing digital life into old photos

Breathing digital life into old photos


Greg Haug helps Markdale resident Donna Dickie to scan and save some family photos.



On Wednesday, February 6, the Grey Highlands Cultural Channel (GHCC) in partnership with Grey Highlands Public Library and South Grey Museum, hosted an event at Markdale Public Library to preserve old photos for viewing on computers and cell phones.

Residents brought their prints to be scanned, organized and stored in digital format for family and friends to copy, share and enjoy. Participants left the library with their treasured memories on a USB stick, generously provided for them. The event was facilitated by GHCC staffers Greg Haug and Gavin Halucha.

One of seven such events taking place in Grey Highlands, Greg Haug pointed to an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant which made it possible to hold programs like this one in the community. Appointments were arranged in advance and judging by the full schedule created on this afternoon, the event was well received.

"I like the idea of getting (photos) preserved somehow and being able to share with family members," said Donna Dickie from Markdale, one of many residents who brought their pictures to the library for preservation.

"There will be follow-up 'still-to-moving-image' workshops to turn these photos into slide shows," said Haug. These events comprise a three-part series of educational workshops provided by GHCC to happen over the course of the winter and spring.

Events like this one have already been held at Rocklyn Hall, Kimberley Public Library and South Grey Museum. Two more events are scheduled for Flesherton Public Library on February 13, Stodhart Hall on February 21 and Osprey Museum on February 23.

For more information, call 519-924-2241.

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