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Cowtown Lunch Bunch holds first Once a Month Lunch in Holstein

Ellie Adams, left, serves shepherd's pie to Southgate resident Hilda Echlin.


BY LYNNE TURNER FOR SOUTHGREY.CA — The Cowtown Lunch Bunch held its first ever Once a Month Lunch at the Egremont Optimist Center in Holstein on Wednesday, May 8.

Over 60 seniors from Durham, Dundalk, Holstein, Swinton Park, Mount Forest and the surrounding area attended the free luncheon on a beautiful sunny spring day. 

Organizers had planned for 50 attendees but had lots of shepherd's pie, mixed vegetables, bean salad, cucumbers and buns. with lemon blueberry trifle for dessert.

Cowtown Lunch Bunch luncheon 

Looking forward to the Cowtown Lunch Bunch luncheon are Durham residents Gary Diebel, Linda Russwurm, Kathleen Melanson, Linda Cluley and Fred Lindsay.


John Woodburry presented a cheque

Southgate Mayor John Woodburry attended the Cowtown Lunch Bunch luncheon and presented a cheque from the South East Grey Community Health Centre to two of the luncheon organizers Ellie Adams and Brenda Calder. He also brought greetings from the township.

Over 60 seniors attended the Cowtown Lunch Bunch luncheon in Holstein.


Ellie Adams, Fay Harrison, Arlene Crooks and Brenda Calder 

Ellie Adams, Fay Harrison, Arlene Crooks and Brenda Calder serve a meal, featuring shepherd's pie, to the over 60 seniors who attended the initial Cowtown Lunch Bunch luncheon in Holstein.


Cowtown Lunch Bunch is sponsored by South East Grey Community Health Centre, Trillium Foundation, Township of Southgate and a group of volunteers calling themselves the Cowtown Lunch Bunch.

The next luncheon will be held on Wednesday, June 5. Luncheons will not be held in July and August but will resume in September.

The event is free of charge, although donations are accepted. Seniors were urged to stay after lunch to socialize over crokinole, cards and board games.

Photos by Lynne Turner


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Updated March 12, 2020.

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