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Parade turned family fun in Neustadt

Parade turned family fun in Neustadt

Above, Woody Lorne Attenborough of Port Elgin and Chip Steve McFadden of Chesley were among members of the Bruce Shrine Club all ready to take part in the Neustadt Christmas parade until the thunder rolled, lightning lit up the sky and the rains came, forcing the cancellation of the event. Lynne Turner photo

By Lynne Turner

Thunder, lightning and heavy rain, coupled with an Environment Canada severe thunderstorm warning for all of Grey County, caused the postponement, then cancellation, of the Neustadt Christmas parade on Sunday, December 2. 

Floats, bands and participants were lined up and ready to go when the thunder, lightning and rain started just prior to the 5 p.m. event. A firetruck drove the route, announcing a half-hour delay but, by 5:15 p.m., the same firefighter announced the parade was cancelled. Those lining the parade route in their vehicles were urged to visit the Neustadt Arena instead to visit with Santa Claus and go roller skating. 

Performing at the arena were the Durham Marching Band and Walkerton Cheerleading Squad, both of whom were planning to perform as part of the parade. 

Santa visited with a long lineup of children, prior to family rollerskating fun. 

Keira Robertson and Will Hall, both of Neustadt, were planning to ride along the parade route on Sunday evening, December 2, until the skies opened up with a rare December thunderstorm. The rain, lightning and thunder, coupled with an Environment Canada severe thunderstorm warning, cancelled the parade.

Olivia Calder from the Holstein/Mount Forest area, along with her dog Trixie, were scoping out a good spot from which to watch the Neustadt Christmas parade. It started to thunder, lightning and rain a few minutes later and the parade was cancelled. 

The Durham Marching Band gave an impromptu performance at the Neustadt Arena prior to children visiting with Santa Claus, since marching in the parade wasn't to be due to inclement weather. Family rollerskating also took place on the arena floor.

Six-year-old Patrick Manion had a visit with Santa Claus on Sunday evening in Neustadt. Patrick's mother Stacey Manion, and two sisters, are members of the Durham Marching Band. The band was slated to be part of the Neustadt Christmas parade until thunder, rain and lightning forced its cancellation.

Two-year-old Mya Becker of Ayton was dressed up "like Christmas" as she waited to visit with Santa Claus in Neustadt on Sunday evening, December 2. She was supposed to ride on a Lions Club Christmas float until the parade was cancelled last minute.

Mason Becker, 18 months, Blake Turner, almost 6, Jacob Becker, 4, Lucan Turner, almost 6 and Avery Turner, 3, were dressed as dairy cows and planned to ride in the back of a pickup truck entered in the Neustadt Christmas parade by Wishingwell Farms of Neustadt. Unfortunately the parade was cancelled last minute due to inclement weather and Environment Canada severe thunderstorm warnings.

Photos by Lynne Turner

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