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Chatsworth United Church donates to MRI initiative

Chatsworth United Church donates to MRI initiative



Chatsworth United Church presented Betty Bassett, Vice Chair of the Centre Grey Health Services Foundation (CGHSF) with a generous $5,000 donation to the MRI initiative through the Foundations Light for Life Campaign. When the parishioners were asked what prompted this donation, the response was an overwhelming; “because the MRI is too important NOT to fund!”

They further explained that for them, making this donation made perfect sense. “When you give a gift of this magnitude, you want it to help as many people as possible, and donating to the MRI means years of quality healthcare to so many of our friends, family and community members” stated Carol Deering, Church Treasurer/Trustee.

“Giving to healthcare is exactly that – it is helping the community for years to come, and we are so grateful to the Chatsworth United Church for their generosity” stated Betty Bassett. If you are interested in donating to the MRI initiative, contact the Centre Grey Health Services Foundation at, or go to

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