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Chapman’s Ice Cream makes commitment to support caribou protection programs with its new ice cream

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Markdale, ON - Chapman’s Ice Cream announced today that they will commit a portion of the proceeds raised from the sale of Chapman’s Yukon Caribou Bars to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS). 25 cents from each box of these Chapman’s products sold across Canada will be donated towards ongoing Caribou protection efforts through CPAWS.

“Many Canadians recognize that it is our responsibility for future generations to protect biodiversity of our great country” said Ashley Chapman, Vice President of Chapman’s Ice Cream, “and we want to contribute to this process and bring attention to the ongoing deterioration of Canada’s wildlife.”

Chapman's Yukon Caribou Bars 

With 13 chapters across Canada, CPAWS works with provinces, territories and the federal government, progressive companies, local communities and First Nations to protect important ecological and cultural landscapes. With Canada’s Caribou population continuously declining and a few herds already extinct, CPAWS turned their focus towards developing conservation measures for boreal woodland caribou on public lands, including those leased to resource companies.

Chapman’s Ice Cream is Canada’s largest independent ice cream maker, based out of Markdale, Ontario. Established in 1973, Chapman’s currently deliver over 180 of its products to all provinces and territories across Canada. The Yukon Caribou bar is a new addition to Chapman’s popular Yukon product line of ice cream cones, sandwiches and bars, described as “As Big As Canada’s North.”

"We look forward to working with CPAWS and hope our contribution will help them achieve their challenging goals.” said Ashley Chapman. “We hope Canadians will support our initiative.”

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Doris E. Fay Gieg commented on 15-Apr-2019 05:36 PM3 out of 5 stars
while we are fans of Chapman Ice Cream and their consideration for their workers we are somewhat dismayed to read the labels on some of your products-which include palm oil! |This stuff is one of the worst for the environment and the animals that are being displaced to grow palm oil. Maybe add the removal of palm oil to your goals for our planet? Thanks Fay Gieg

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